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This Skincare & Wellness Line Is Designed To Trigger Your Most Vivid Memories

This skincare line is about to evoke your best memories via the power of aroma.
aromatherapy skincare and wellness products
Ever been completely lost in a smell that immediately triggered a memory? Yes, the ones that might take a few moments to make the connection and realize the association, but when you do, it's like you are having a flashback- well, that's aroma memory and there is a pretty good scientific explanation to back it up.

Aroma is a powerful, memory-evoking force that can instantly influence your current mood, make you relieve a specific moment in time, or trigger your emotions. We may not completely understand the hows and whys but, we can't ignore the fact that we may be able to identify many kinds of smells during the day but they don't usually carry any value to us a memory with them. Why do you suddenly care about the triggers of aroma memory? I hear you asking. Well, my little skeptic, it's because I finally understand the reason why I get so emotional every time I smell fresh-baked cinnamon cookies - Seems like I connect it with a very specific childhood experience that always brings me joy.

No, this is not an oh-so-nostalgic post, I save that for another day. Today it's all about how you can easily enhance your mood with the help of some top-notch beauty and wellness products that are designed to connect with your physical and spiritual senses. Yes, I said what I said and I can back it up, just wait.

aromatherapy skincare and wellness products
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The intense, yet pleasant smell of body lotions, scrubs, and candles can actually work a mood pick-up, a way to cope with anxiety or even better help you evoke and reconnect with a specific memory. So, what's a better way to relive past experiences than the skincare we know and love? Luckily Positive Intent Beauty launched a huge collection, complete creamy formulas, jam-packed with fragrant oils and a variety of nourishing ingredients to help you reduce negativity, increase mental clarity, positive daily thoughts, promote self-change, boost self-esteem and heal emotions. 

Time To Refresh Your Skincare Rituals

But aromatherapy and oder-evoked-memory aren't only for reliving past memories. " Scientists have discovered that by assigning specific aromas to specific tasks, we can potentially train our minds with aroma, if repeated we can start to predict our emotional behavior each time that task is performed" mentions Alexandria Pledger, founder of Positive Intent Beauty.

Smell is one of the most important of the five senses when it comes to calming your mind and setting a positive mood in any space, and skincare is of the best, cost-effective, and easiest ways to add some aromatherapy to your daily life. Positive Intent Beauty treats every one of their products with mindful meditation with intention, chakra oils, and crystal work to ensure that the energy going into this product is always made with the most positive intentions. In other words, they redefine beauty through wellness and self-care.
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