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6 Affordable Rings For Minimalists

Affordable stacking rings that go with everything.
Affordable stacking rings that go with everything
Whether you have been working from home wrapped in your favorite loungewear all day or having the opportunity to get dresses in actual streetwear for a change, a bit of sparkle instantly better your mood. Choose any outfit, add a little blink, and boom! It just received a huge upgrade. Now, if you are anything like me, then you might be feeling a bit embarrassed about your jewelry collection. Let's just say that I have been stacked with the same old pieces for quite some time now. Don't get me wrong, simple yet elegant designs will never go out of style but, there is no reason to avoid adding something extra to your jewelry tray - especially when they come with a super affordable price tag.

As a sucker for delicate stacking rings myself, I was delightfully surprised by how many different pairs one can find right now. Some of the best designs come in all kinds of shapes and styles, from classic and discreet to sparkly and super noticeable. You also need to decide how much bling you want on your finger- which I always find difficult. Scroll through below to get a glimpse of some super cute, affordable styles. Prepare yourself because you’re going to want to add every single item to your cart when you see these cute, little hearts and flowers.

Affordable stacking rings that go with everything
I can't help but picture how gorgeous these Cubexican Crew rings would look with a simple gray sweater set, with a head-to-toe neutral outfit or, or better yet with my all-time favorite black velvet dress for the ultimate night out look - as soon as the restrictions are over. The point is, these rings are super versatile whether you are planning on stacking them up with each other or with a few pieces from your pre-existing jewelry collection. 

Of course, If you adore minimal styles, or prefer necklaces over rings, fear not! Cubexican Crew has many chic options for you too. These jewelry pieces are ready to arm up every outfit you own- from loungewear to full-on glam.
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