Paint by numbers just received a huge unpgrade - Fun Things To Do In Quarantine For $13

No matter where you live, It's a scary time right now. Judging from personal experience, staying calm and focused during this global pandemic is definitely not a simple thing to do. It seems like everything we read and hear is all about the health crisis. Yes, it's extremely important to educate yourself about what is going on in the world right now. Even though staying inside to protect yourself and others is a crucial measure, it could lead to some consequences for your mental health. 

Fear not! I have spent a great amount of time staring at the ceiling and I am here to tell you that there are indeed some great ways to keep yourself motivated during this pandemic-including a new fun hobby you never thought of.

What's there to do while stuck indoors? This question keeps popping up on my news feed pretty much every day. Today I will share with you a fantastic self-care idea that you can do for yourself or your loved ones right now - no, it's not another quarantine skincare routine, I promise.
Fun things to do in quarantine with your family- Paint by numers for kids

As someone who has been obsessed with drawing, I guarantee you that there is nothing more calming (and time-consuming) than creating a piece of art from scratch. "Well, I cannot draw but I want to" I can hear you thinking. Don't worry, because today I will show you exactly how to paint a beautiful portrait like a pro without having a background in fine arts. Here is by far the most fun activity to keep yourself, your kids, and your family busy during quarantine.

Draw your way out of boredom with Koloryx, the most unique way to paint a portrait of your loved ones, your pet, or any other picture. 

How exactly does it work?

Fun things to do in quarantine with your family- Paint by numers for adults and kids
Fun things to do in quarantine with your family- Paint by numers for adults
1. Upload a high-resolution photo of the portrait, pet, or landscape you wish to paint. 

2. Hold tight, till your canvas gets ready. The Koloryx team will start working on your picture to turn It into a paintable canvas and choose the right set of colors for your art piece.

3. Receive the kit by mail
Within the next two weeks, you will receive the whole painting set on your doorstep (free shipping). The set includes your canvas, colors & brushes.

4. You can now completely DIY the perfect gift for your loved ones or work with them as a family project from the comfort of your own home.

Paint by number kits for adults and kids are not only a fantastic way to calm your mind, but also pick up a new hobby.

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