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Your Wardrobe Is About To Get An Upgrade Thanks To This Pilates-Inspired Apparel Brand

Affordable work out clothes to wear in and out of the gym in 2021.

For most of us going out might still not be an option but that's no excuse to give up on our workout routine- or maybe pick up on some new indoor activities. Whether you are looking for some new pieces to add to wear while you get in shape or just love athleisure as much as I do, this pilates-inspired clothing brand is about to give your wardrobe a major upgrade.

You know me, I am always on the hunt for new, cute, and stylish workout clothes that can easily be worn outside the gym. Keep reading for a few styles that can get you anywhere from the street to casual coffee dates, running, and back.

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No matter if you are rolling on your mat according to the instructions of your online Pilates coach or simply love to explore new options from emerging independent brands, I got you covered. You know, the brands that offer the perfect balance between fashion and activewear or, bonus point if they actually carry an important message. Luckily in 2021 you no longer have to choose comfort over style.

Marisa In Motion is a newly established, pilates-inspired brand from the US that delivers a very clear message. Marisa Fuller the founder of MIM designed 7 amazing collections, all based on her eternal love for Pilates. Her story might be a sad one but, there is always something incredibly inspiring about overcoming life's obstacles, only to rise stronger despite the hardships.

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In 2014, I was tested for the breast cancer gene as my brave, amazing, inspiring mom is a breast cancer survivor" Marisa mentioned. "I was BRCA1+. I had decided before taking the test that I was going to do preventive surgeries. I would always wait to hear from my doctor “you have the go-ahead to start exercising. Like I said, it is my happy place. It helped me with my recovery, get stronger, and heal through my hardest of days.” she continued.
Since 2019 Marisa owns her own Pilates studio along with her empowering clothing line that quickly captured the love and attention of many like-minded women. Like I mentioned above, this is not a depressing story. It's the real and raw reality behind her statement-making work out clothes, designed with the sole purpose to motivate you.
Shop The Coffee And Pilates Collection

I bet you are looking forward to getting a glimpse of her apparel, I rounded up some of my all-time favorite designs from Marisa In Motion that guarantees to take the word "uncomfortable" out of your vocabulary this winter. You can check the MIM for more wishlist-worthy styles. A portion of the proceeds from all sales are being donated to Breast Cancer Charities.
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