Women’s Brooches: Jewellery For Now

The brooch is an accessory with a long history, worn by elegant women, and occasionally men, for hundreds of years. These days, however, the brooch seems to be favored almost exclusively by the older lady, and even then, often only with formalwear. 

Oddly, badges and pins are as popular as ever, often seen adorning the collars of denim jackets and the straps of backpacks and messenger bags. Yet the brooch remains the unloved cousin of the pin-on jewelry world. Coup de Coeur London offers a fantastic range of high-end brooches that can be found on their website by clicking here.

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Part of the issue here is that brooches are often quite complex and elaborate in design, making them far more of a statement piece than a cluster of simple buttons on your lapel. A brooch is designed to catch the eye, usually with fine metalwork or beautifully cut gemstones whose gleam can be seen from 50 feet. 

Loud jewelry can be difficult to match with other accessories and outfits, which may be why such pieces have fallen out of fashion. However, simple, understated brooches are also available, if only people would look for them.

Brooches are not designed to be worn with every outfit, but they can make a classy and elevating addition to many an ensemble. On the whole, it’s best to wear brooches on loosely fitted outerwear, such as blazers, jumpers, or jackets, but the rules of fashion are made to be broken so you can go ahead and do as you please. 

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However you want to use them, it’s about time brooches made a comeback from the bottom of our jewelry boxes. So why not throw one on the next time you go out? You might just be surprised by how many compliments you get. Maybe your grandmother was on to something after all.

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