Why You Should Consider Hiring A Personal Shopper/Stylist Even If You Aren't A Celebrity

 We all have friends who dress like they belong in the editorial team of Vogue-we all know I'm not one of them. One thing is certain, having an idea of style and how to cleverly adapt your daily look to fit certain situations is empowering, not to mention appealing to others around you.

Sure, there are tons of online resources, lengthy courses, and college classes to achieve the off-duty style editor look but, sometimes you just can't get it right. Don't worry, there are thousands of people who, even though they love fashion, find themselves struggling with color schemes, lengths, patterns, and shapes. Not everyone was born with an eye for styling.

Why You Should Consider Hiring A Personal Shopper/Stylist
Photo : Irina Gromovataya
For years the media made us believe that personal shoppers and stylists were a privilege only for the select few. They are after all exclusive, not to mention extremely expensive, right? Wrong. Even though you might never receive a reply from Tom Eerebout in the near future, there are still plenty of ways to build the perfect capsule wardrobe with the help of an expert.

So, what should you do if your closed desperately needs a serious revamping but have no idea where to start? You hire a personal shopper-image consultant, quick and easy especially these days with the much-needed help of social media by your side. Keep reading to find out how a personal stylist will teach you everything about smart shopping, clever capsule wardrobe purchases, and styling-obviously.

What is an image consultant & why you should hire one

A personal stylist advises people on how to dress according to their body type, personal preferences, and current trends. She is basically your key to an easy and more relaxed shopping experience. Some stylists also take the role of a personal shopper. As an expert in the field of fashion, she will guide you through the entire process of "smart-shopping" or, in some instances she will make the shopping for you. Personal stylists work on a one on one basis, making suggestions that cater to you and you only. I am sure you already dream of having an expert on your side at this moment, am I right?

Personal shoppers and consultants are affordable, have a great sense of fashion, know each trend by heart, and know all the sales and discounts. Not sure what your personal style really is? No worries, they will help you identify it in no time.

A lot of people have work, school and many more daily obligations which makes it almost impossible to go on shopping trips, especially during the week. A certain amount of money can take the burden off your shoulders.

Hire an expert

Now that you know all the basics, it's time to actually get to work in order to find the right fashion expert who will gladly help you will all the above points. Meet Liene Hvoinska, Style and Image designer from Dublin, Ireland. Liene will provide you with much-needed information on how to successfully shop online, how to create a killer capsule wardrobe, and most importantly, how to avoid getting tricked into buying every online sale.

As someone who tends to buy more denim pieces than a normal needs, her "where to shop for denim" catalog helped me discover the brand Monki and of course, now I am hooked. Not sure about hiring a fashion consultant yet? Follow Liene on Instagram to receive shopping tips and tricks for free. 

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