These Leather Handbags Can Actually Help You Focus On Your Fitness Goals

 What exactly makes a great workbag depends on what you do for work. Do you currently have a desk job that requires the use of a laptop? Then a structured tote bag might be exactly what you need. Are you always on the move? A spacious backpack or crossbody bag with outside pockets will come in handy. Yes, there are so many different work bags to choose from and match with your everyday outfits but, today we will focus on the ones that actually help you stick to your healthy eating habits.

The importance of meal preparation

You don't need to be an athlete to consider this. In fact, meal preparation can be a life-changing decision, especially if you are too busy to cook new, healthy recipes each day of the week. This technique is based on pre-cooking. The basic idea is to prep certain food - for the next day or several days ahead- and store each meal into lunch boxes. This way you will always be able to snack on something healthy during the day. Meal prepping is also a great way to control your portions and save money by replacing low nutrient snacks with healthy alternatives.

meal-prep handbags

What does all this have to do with stylish handbags? I can see you looking a bit confused, let me break this down for you. If you are like me, desperately trying to stick to a healthy diet despite your hectic daily schedule, then this one is for you. Praktikals is a brand with a very clear mission to create fashionable yet very functional vegan leather bags for everyday, hard-working women. The main purpose of these innovative bags is to help all fitness enthusiasts maintain their healthy eating schedule no matter how busy lives can sometimes be.

The fashionable meal pre bag you didn't know you needed

Praktikals carry 3 different meal per bags with unique characteristics. The Bella, Eloho, and Maris bags offer the best (and most discreet) meal pre compartments to store your home-cooked meals. Praktikals can be your new, fully functional work, travel, or gym bag that keeps your meals and drinks fresh throughout the day - thanks to the insulated food compartments.

"I love carrying my homemade meals to wherever I go and every time food or water would spill all over my bag. That made me thinking of a handbag that would resolve those issues that most women experience regularly. That is how Praktikals handbag was born. " said Leidiane, the founder. 

meal-prep handbags

These bags have proven to a great staple piece to our wardrobes. The online product reviews speak for themselves. All three bag styles are currently on sale! Visit the website to find out more.



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