Holiday Gift Ideas Perfect For All Your BFFs

 What would we do without our BBFs? There are here for us in the best and worst of times - let's not mention all the hours we spend venting to them. Our best deserve special treatment, that's why the "best friend gift ideas" are the perfect way to thank them once more this Holiday season. Finding the one gift that your friend will actually use is pretty difficult. If you are like me, all your BFFs already own everything- sometimes x2. You want to be something unique, surprising, and most of all, fun! Luckily there are some amazing options online, plus most of them are already on sale. No matter if she is a beauty, fashion, or skincare love, get ready to win the Holidays this year.

I am one of those friends who already have a pretty good idea of what my friends need- I listen closely every time they mention a product throughout the year. Always make sure your gift actually means something to them. Everyone can purchase a gift card or a simple t-shirt. Yesterday I promised you a budget-friendly gift guide from Grungence and, here it is. Unique, cute, and most importantly, affordable. Plus, this Friday everything is going to be 25% OFF. Happy gifting!

holiday gifts for the best friend
Color Changing flower jelly lipstick, 10€
Starting off with something your BBF certainly doesn't own but, would love to have. Who can say no to heat-sensitive colored lipstick? Yes, this one changes color depending on your body temperature AND has the cutest mini flower inside. Am I the only one who gets Beauty & The Beast vibes?
holiday gifts for the best friend
50pcs of Oil-absorbing tissues, 8€
This oil absorbing tissue box can work as a complimentary gift OR as a part of the collection. Grungence offers some tissue alternatives- yeas, they all have cute packaging, Your friend's skin will be brighter and way less oily, win-win situation.

holiday gifts for the best friend
Retro Croco pattern bag, 27€
The retro style handbag definitely had a moment on the runway. Not everyone has $500 to gift, this budget friendly option will make her think of you every time she puts together an outfit. After all, black Croco bags go with absolutely everything.
holiday gifts for the best friend
Swarovski Elements Earrings in 14K Rose Gold, 13€
Your BFF deserves a rose gold pair of earrings and Grungence pieces are affordable yet stunning.
holiday gifts for the best friend
Hairdryer, straightener and curler brush, 84€
The one I am tempted to buy for myself too. This hair dryer also works as a curler AND straightener. Even if she already has one of those, everyone needs a 3 in 1 for their travels, am I right?

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