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9 Clever Travel Tips For Booking & Packaging On A Tight Budget

Tips for traveling cheap around the world. Booking sites with discounts, tours,cruises & cheap flights.
Travel tips for booking cheap flights and accomondation

 After spending a huge amount of time in our homes this year, most of us are looking forward to planning a quick and safe getaway this winter. Whether you are dreaming of spending your days wrapped up in a cozy blanket next to the fireplace in your newly rented cabin or want to go all-in with a week-long vacation near the ocean, this one is for you. 

Winter holidays sound amazing in theory, but without the right travel tips, planning may be stressful sometimes. Traveling can be tricky especially if you are trying to find affordable vocations that fit your budget and your bucket list. We are all guilty of scrolling through Instagram for hours eyeing on the most expensive destination photos we simply cannot afford.

Luckily, after a ton of trials and errors, I finally managed to gather all the tips and tricks for traveling on a tight budget. Keep scrolling to find out some useful ways to score the best flight deals, book your favorite room for less, and of course, how to pack like a pro.

Travel tips for booking cheap flights and accomondation

1.Trick the algorithm

It's true. Some companies will automatically raise the prices simply because you have been searching the web for travel deals. Use the "incognito window" to make sure you won't get trapped.

2.When to book your flights

According to studies, the best day to book your holidays is on Thursday. Sunday is by far the most expensive day to book your flight.

3. Search for promo codes

Have a quick google search using the words "promo code" and "discount code" plus the name of the place or country you want to visit. You never know, maybe there are some hidden codes lurking around the web.

4.International booking sites

Sites like WeWorldPro carry some of the best hotels, flights, car rental, and cruise deals. Often you can find huge discounts and all-inclusive packages for way less than your local travel agencies. It even has a section of the cheapest international flights and most popular routes. (eg. There is a flight on Nov 11 from Greece to Bsngonk for only $866). Yes, they can turn almost every country into a budget-friendly location.
How does it work?

This site will look at all the other sites and show you the best deals. What I really love about it is the "tour" section. It showcases the most popular tours and holiday packages along with the ratings of each individual listing and the duration of the tour itself. Since WeWorldPro is international, they offer the best tour guides from all around the world like Stockholm, Sydney, Budapest, etc.

On the "hotels" section you will be able to find all the top-rated hotels from the area of your choice according to their online reviews. 

packing tips to avoid air fair coasts
Photo by Andrew Neel

5. Packing

Always roll your clothes instead of folding them. You will not only save a ton of space, but you will also be free to shop for many more souvenirs from your trip without having to worry about paying extra for your luggage on your way home.

By marking your bag as "fragile" the airport staff will most luckily place it at the top of all the other luggage. Yes, this is how I manage to get through the baggage claim quicker.

Always seal your perfume, lotions, and shampoos in a plastic zip bag to avoid spilling any liquid on your clothes during the flight. 

Never forget to pack your own pillowcase just in case.

To protect all glass bottles like foundations and concealers, place them in a small plastic bag and put them in your sneakers-yes, it actually works.
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