Best Natural Teeth Whiteners & What Ingredients To Avoid

 Right after smooth and glowy skin, white teeth are at the top of our beauty goals list we will never stop trying to achieve. Considering our obsession with caffeine and other occasional bad health habits our flawless white smile isn't always that white.

Dozens of drugstore and high-end brands offer quick whitening treatments to restore our beautiful smiles, but at what cost? I read quite a few reviews and academic studies on what you should always look for when it comes to these miracle formulas.

No matter if you are interested in trying easy at-home treatments like premium whitening strips or a more costly alternative the results may differ according to the ingredients and formula. Some products require the use of blue plasma light while others - my personal favorites- nothing at all. You just sit back and let them do all the work for you.

Ingredients to avoid

So is there a tremendous difference in ingredients? Well, even though the technology is pretty much the same, hydrogen peroxide, there are indeed some much safer and more effective alternatives on the market. Especially if you suffer from gum or teeth sensitivity, the peroxide will cause more harm than good. Oral care should always be taken seriously. A 2016 study found that low concentration hydrogen peroxide gels had significant negative effects on tooth enamel. The concentration of in-store teeth whitening kits can be as high as 10%, meaning that the gel needs to stay on the teeth for long periods to do the job. On the contrary, dentists offer whitening treatments with concentrations of up to 40%- less time on the teeth, lower risk of enamel damage.

Natural teeth whitening products for under 35€

If you are looking for organic, all-natural teeth whiteners that will not irritate your already sensitive skin, I included a safe option to try. COCOWHITE  whitening strips are mixed with active charcoal extracted from the coconut shell. The coconut activated carbon formula will be a great addition to your oral care routine and help you battle unwanted teeth discoloration. As promised, the products are Peroxide and Chlorine dioxide-free and safe to use by everyone. 

Shop COCOWHITE  premium whitening strips

There are two  COCOWHITE  options to choose from, 14 or 28 pcs of whitening stripes which are both on sale right now for under 35€. They are currently offering 1 day delivery in Europe, which is great for those of us who have plenty of time to experiment with new products during the quarantine. 

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