2021's Top Jewelry Trends Are All About Making A Statement

 This is not the first time I am saying this, and it definitely won't be the last. The best 2021 jewelry trends are all about drama and attention. This year requires you to over-accessories your daily looks but, in a good way. After spending quite a great amount of time wrapped in our coziest blankets and loungewear for most of 2020, we all need to dress up a bit-even if masks are now a part of our everyday styling choices. When we do manage to go out in public, we surely want to make sure that we look and feel our best.

Easy to wear jewelry trends for winter

Don't feel sad about spending your quarantine money on 2020's jewelry must-haves a few months back, because most of these trends are rolling over into the new year. Yes, I am not ready to leave all my unworn jewelry behind either. As it seems our old-time favorite gold and silver chains never left the spotlight, and we couldn't be happier with that. Layer up, ladies! 

2021's Top Jewelry Trends
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So, is it all about chains? Heck no! Pearls are once again prominent but this time we celebrate uniqueness with every shape imaginable. Say goodbye to classic round pearls and welcome the fresh look of all the different silhouettes. They are definitely show-stoppers if you ask me. Delicate little charms and pedant necklaces are very in right now- or maybe both if you mastered the art of layering.

Are you eager to use the #armcandy once more? Luckily beads made a huge comeback this year in every color and size. From tiny, flat, and discrete to big, bold, and colorful there is definitely something for you. Don't be afraid to go with the most dramatic styles available.

Affordable luxury-inspired jewelry to shop right now

One of the best parts about jewelry is their ability to elevate any outfit AND still be super affordable. That's right! This is yet another post where I share the best online shops to get your favorite trends for less- and still look like you snatched them right from the runway. Caramel Anz is an independent jewelry brand based in GA, USA, offering trendy and all-time classic pieces that definitely won't break the bank. 

From chunky punk-inspired chains and gemstone cut-out earrings to the cutest multi-layer necklaces and silver hair clips, your jewelry collection is about to get a huge makeover. Plus, 5% of their monthly profit is donated to Guide Dog Foundation charity. There are hundreds of ways to use jewelry to arm up even the simplest of outfits. All you have to do is take a look at the top 2021 trends straight from Caramel Anz's catalog below.

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2021 affordable jewelry trends
2021 affordable jewelry trends
2021 affordable jewelry trends
2021 affordable jewelry trends
2021 affordable jewelry trends

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