The Best Illustrated Tarot Decks To Buy On Etsy Right Now

Illustrated Tarot Decks
New age-y spiritual practices like healing crystals, readings, and astrology are now more than ever in demand. Forget all about the previous stigma surrounding this subject. You no longer have to visit a self-proclaimed professional in the sketchiest part of town to receive the answers you seek-or to try out the process for the first time. Tarot readings are certainly amongst the top 3 most popular New age practices and, luckily for us, easily accessible. No matter if you are a pro at reading decks or simply looking for an easy way to start your spiritual journey, there are many different ways to dive into the mystic world.

First things first. Not everyone interested in having a collection of crystals or reading cards is actually invested in spirituality. There are plenty of individuals who love to collect unique tarot decks that feature delicate artwork from independent artists. I, even though new to the world of predictions and interpretations, have been focused on creating healing crystal art for quite some time. That's probably the main reason that I instantly fell in love with @le.sinex, the artist behind the "Botanical Sword" Oracle card deck. Whether you are on a journey of self-discovery or in it for the aesthetics one thing is for certain, the practice of tarot reading demands respect.

Illustrated Tarot Decks

As opposed to many other practices that focus on future prediction more definitively, tarot reading seems to push us further into self-reflection while taking many different angles and perspectives into consideration. Below you can find the perfect illustrated tarot deck that will not only satisfy your need for mental clarity, it will also look fantastic spread across your coffee table as part of your decor.

Not only this illustration deck comes in a set of 40 beautiful blackwork illustrations on textured paper, but it also comes with a mini guide book to further help you with your interpretations along with a detailed online version. Sounds awesome, right? Well, there is more. " In the name of “Botanical Sword”, Sword as a visual feature captured the essence of masculine heroism inside and the Botanical imagery expresses the feminine part from fantasies." the creator explains. Each card in this set is designed to help you overcome difficulties, inspire mental clarity, and guide you through difficult life decisions via its insightful illustrations.

Illustrated Tarot Decks

Maybe you are like me, someone who can get enough of minimal, spiritual illustrations. Lesine offers The Botanical Sword 2021 Calender, either as a full set with the tarot deck or on its own (many as a gift for your New age-y best friend too?). Is there a better way to decorate your home other than having a new Oracle illustration wall art through the year?

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