This Is How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Invitation According To Your Style

The day before yesterday my best friend got married, and as I was watched her take her voes, looking absolutely breathtaking in her lace, off shoulder wedding dress in front of all her friends and family I suddenly realized it. Every hour spent browsing through dozens of catalogs, every unfortunate step back, all the anger, stress, and frustration, everything came down to this moment. It felt like I was in an episode of Friends and a highlights reel of our friendship played again and again in a loop in my brain. It was so beautiful, exactly as she imagined her wedding would be. At that moment, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy, peace, and love. I was there thinking about everything. In fact, we had absolutely no idea how to plan a wedding. This is exactly the reason I am writing these lines today, let's all take a moment to discuss some of the most difficult choices a bride has to make, the ones we didn't consider as important. 

"I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone." - Toklkien 

It may not seem like the most difficult decision when you decide to start planning your dream day but figuring out how to choose wedding invitations that accurately represent your sense of style and aesthetic is super important. Paper types, font, theme, sizing, inserts, and cost are only a few things you need to take into consideration. What's the one thing we learned the hard way? Different invite shapes and sizes qual different postal fees so be sure to consider your budget when deciding which invitation to send.

But is there a way to find the perfect wedding invitation to match your sense of style?

My and my best friend are polar opposites. I consider myself a laid back, a super casual person that loves all things minimal - neutral tones, clean lines - and plain. She, on the other hand, adores glitter, vibrant color combinations, and cute floral dresses. You will never find her wearing sneakers, not when pumps are available on the market at least. 

Bold, bright, and vibrant. Thankfully there are many sources available on how to pick the perfect combination. Having a cohesive color scheme  - or better yet, a theme- from your engagement party invites to your bridesmaid's dresses and makeup is very important.  Bright vintage blooms with gold and calligraphy and a dark background add the perfect doses of femininity and glamour especially if you are planning a spring - summer wedding.

This is how to choose the perfect wedding invitation according to your style

Modern minimalism. My personal favorite style features clean, black, white and maybe gold lettering Horizontal lines are the perfect way to draw the reader's eye to the most important details with not much distraction.

A taste of luxury. Handwritten calligraphy, lace motifs in neutral colors like blush and light gray combined with high-end materials are some of the top choices for your chic, fairy tale style wedding day.

Vitamin sea. For those who dream of having a beach wedding, this is the perfect way to give your guests the feeling of the warm, summer breeze. Seashells, palm trees, and beautiful illustrations of the ocean are only a few great ideas you might want to consider.

"Love is like a friendship caught on fire."- Jeremy Taylor

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