Handmade Luxury Press On Nails To Try Right Now

During 2000's, press-on nails were lacking variety, mostly limited to the usual square French manicures with tiny bits of glitter or floral designs — No wonder why most of us avoided them. Fast forward to 2020 this certainly isn't the case anymore. The variety has expanded to include coffin, stiletto, and almond styles in a great selection of colors with a glossy or matte finish, from rainbow to crystal-covered and more. Have you been thinking of getting custom fit, reusable nail sets to achieve the perfect luxury look without going back to the salon for touch-ups and fills? This one might be for you.

Alisha A. Robertson, the owner and founder of SpaLisha loves nail art so much that she makes her own." I loved getting long nails with beautiful designs, but it took time and I would spend so much money on my nails every two weeks. I wanted to try and do it on my own. That’s where it all started. I love to create magic doing nails.", she explained."The best part is seeing the finished product and to see my clients face as they stare at their beautiful nails. I’ve always had a passion for all things beauty. I enjoy creating art."

How to stay on top of all the new nail trends

Alisha uses gold foil, crystals  and other materials to create her luxury instant manicures for Maryland-based brand SpaLisha. The styles come in short, medium, or long lengths and are available in four different shapes, coffin, square, almond and stiletto. Each set is available in many shape variations, lengths, and finishes. Many of her designs include AB or clear crystals, ideal for everyone who loves a little drama. The line offers beautiful ombre, chrome, and animal print, exactly what you need to look chic and make a statement.

The beauty of having a custom, handmade set of press-on nails.

There is always the option to craft the press on nail set of your dreams. The possibilities are endless when it comes to color combinations, lengths, and styles. You only need to add some extra crystals and ascents? Go for it!. Whether you are interested in adding sparkle for a special occasion or want to look your best every day with minimum effort there is definitely something for you. 

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