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Working On Your Confidence Inside & Out

how to boost your confidence

In order to make the most of life that you possibly can, it is important to work on building your confidence as much as possible. With greater confidence comes a greater ability to enjoy life and to do what you want to do without fear. That is something that many of us dream of having, but the truth is that anybody can develop their confidence greatly if they just know what to do. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the ways to develop your confidence inside and out, to ensure that you are happy with what is going on internally, as well as what you see - and what others see - externally. Once you have both of those in place, you are going to find life much more enjoyable.
how to boost your confidence

Understanding & Defining Confidence

In truth, the main reason that so many people struggle so much with confidence is that they have never really sat down to decide what it is. Until you are clear on what confidence is, you can’t expect to know how to develop it in yourself, and that is something that people often overlook or forget about entirely. A good, simple definition will lead to a fuller understanding of the concept, and that invariably leads to a better ability to generate it for yourself. So what is confidence, anyway?

True confidence is the ability to be happy with who you are, in an unshakeable way, no matter what life circumstances throw at you or how many times you fail. Confidence is not about being the best at all times - that’s impossible - but being your best self as often as you can muster it, and accepting that failure is a part of the process. Someone who is truly confident is able to love themselves even when they fall down, and therefore will find it easier to pick themselves up.

You will note that this understanding of confidence has nothing to do with how other people see you, nor is it about trying to get one up on those around you. It is not a matter of competition, or of wanting people to like you more, but of being perfectly happy with not being the best, and not caring if someone doesn’t like you. That all sounds great, but in truth nobody feels this way one hundred percent of the time. However, there are a range of methods you can try out in order to develop your confidence in this way, inside and out, and that is what we are going to look at now.

tips to be ore comfident

Working On Your Appearance

It might sound vain to start out by looking at your appearance, but there is a good reason for it. When you are happy with how you look on the outside, you are more likely to be happy with what’s to be found inside. You can do this either way around in fact, but in truth you will find it easier to work on the practicalities of improving your appearance first, and then developing your inner confidence from that later on. So what are some of the things you can do to work on your appearance?

First up, remember that this is not about looking a certain way or trying to please the outside world, but of being happy with what you see in the mirror for yourself. So don’t aim to look like Kim Kardashian or your insta friends - aim to look the way that you feel is organic and true to yourself. That means being able to discover what your true style is - and that is something that can be genuinely hard to achieve.

You need to play around with different appearances, outfits and so on until you find one you are happy with - and then stick to it. Take into account everything that you are wearing, including the smaller details like choosing the right lenses for your eyeglasses and what scarf to wear. The more detailed the effort you put in, the happier you are going to be with your appearance in general. Once you have found your style, it’s all about making the most of it.

how to be and look more comfident
Another important part of looking after your appearance in a way that boosts confidence is to ensure you are exercising regularly. This is a great thing to focus on as it actually builds inner confidence at the same time as improving your physical appearance in more traditional ways. When you workout regularly, it usually improves your general mood and how you feel about yourself, and you’ll find that this feeling of increased self-esteem is a genuine one, not an artificial one. More than that, studies have found that exercising regularly helps to reduce depression in the long term, which in turn means you are more likely to feel confident and happy in yourself.

Clearly, there are many ways in which working on your appearance can improve your feelings of confidence inside and out. You should absolutely make sure that you are making the most of these methods if you want to work on your confidence as much as possible.

The Power Of Accomplishments

One of the things that working out does for you is that it gives you a sense of accomplishment. That is actually a clue to one of the most important things of all when it comes to being more confident. If you are accomplishing things regularly, this is always going to have a way of helping you to feel more capable of things in general, and that will mean that you are more likely to respect yourself. So it’s important that you are setting yourself up for plenty of opportunities to accomplish a variety of things. If you can do that, you are going to be in a much better position indeed when it comes to feeling good about yourself.

confidence build how to

So how do you make sure of that? Simple: set goals. You need to set a range of goals, some hard and some easy, and with varying timescales, so that you can ensure that you are accomplishing them as regularly as possible. If you can do that, you will be proving to yourself repeatedly that you have the power to achieve things, even if some of those goals are not achieved. The beauty of having a variety of goals is that you are bound to complete some of them at least, which will ensure that you are going to have that feeling of accomplishment fairly often.

Those goals can be based on anything you like, whether it’s career based or health based or whatever. So long as you have something to work towards, that is going to be beneficial for you in the long run.

Stand Up Straight

It’s funny how often a small, simple change makes a deceptively huge difference to your feelings of confidence both inside and out. One example of this is working on your posture. If you make a point of standing up straight at all times, that is generally going to mean that you are much more likely to feel confident in yourself more often. You will notice this in others as well: if you see someone slouched you are going to feel that they are probably not confident in themselves. It’s worth experimenting with: if you sit or stand up a little straighter now, you are going to find that you are considerably more confident in yourself in no time. It’s a simple thing which really does make an enormous difference to your life, in a subtle way that builds up over time.

build your skills

Build Your Skills

Everybody has a range of specific skills which they are good at. If you want to become a more confident person, you will find that working on your skills is one of the best ways in which you can hope to do that. You might need to first work out exactly what your skills are, in which case it’s a simple matter of trying out a range of things based on what you tend to enjoy, and then working at them as hard as you can. Then you can look into building your skills in such a way that you are bound to enjoy being yourself much more. It doesn’t really matter what those skills are, as long as you are developing them at a good rate. Once you have skills that you can show, you are going to feel much more confident in no time.

As long as you work at these things, you are going to find that you improve your confidence a lot over time. That is going to result in a much more full and enjoyable life, and more of an ability to be true to yourself. So make sure that you are working on all of these as best as you can if you want to improve your confidence in the future. You will be glad that you did exactly that.

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