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6 steps to grow your hair fast + my new favorite cruelty free - Vegan hair mask

Natural hair growth tips. Easy ways to grow your hair faster.
I am not the one to often talk about haircare and beauty but this is probably the most aksed question on my social media: "How did you manage to grow your hair so quickly?" . You might not remember but in 2016 I cut my hair short ( neck length to be precise ). There wasn't a particular reason other than the fact that I really grew tired of having long hair. The constant styling, straightening and of cousre frizzing became too much to handle on a daily basis. 

I really loved my short hair to be honest but as time was passing by I decided to let them grow longer once again and maybe test how fast my hair can grow during a year. It's 2018 and I have to admit that surely I didn't expect that much growth . Slip ends is something I will always have no matter how short or long my hair is. As  mentioned above I might got rid of more than 25 cm of hair but on the second day split ends appeared once again. Now that we are all familiar with my hair story let's dive right into the details:
tips on how to grow your hair naturally
1. I completely stopped using the blow dryer

Even though I was sure from the begining that I wouldn't be able to stay away from my hair straightener , the blow dryer was way easier to get rid of. From day one I started to let my hair dry completly on their own without any hitting tools. Yes, it might takes a little longer but the results definitely overcome the hustle. 

2. I started to apply olive oil 2 hours before washing my hair 

Pinterest came in to save the day once again. I dicovered the properties of olive oil and since then I religiously use it before every hair wash. It is definitely needs time to rinse off the oil from your hair but it is the best natural hair mask I have ever tried. 

3. I do the "hot oil treatment" and spray castor oil .

After every wash and as soon as my hair is dry I spray a mix of castor oil and hot water on my hair avoiding the roots. There are a few great products available online but I always prefer to DIY it at home.
Once a week I mix my favorite oils (castor, cocunut and jojoba oils) in a small jar then deep it in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes and then apply it on my hair. I wrap a hot towel around my hair and wait for 30 mins before washing it off.

Watch the Before and After of my hair .

4. I use Honey and olive oil as a hair mask

Twice a month I mix organic honey with olive oil in a bowl, I microwave it for a few seconds and then apply it on my hair for 30 mins before washing it off . It does take extra time since honey is very sticky but it definily leaves my hair silky and smooth.

5. I never sleep with my hair down and always use a silk pillowcase.

I always sleep with my hair up on a loose pony tail or a braid to prevent any extra breakage. I started using silk pillowcases almost 2 years ago and since then I never looked back. Cotton tends to absord the moisture of my hair and it took me a while to realise. 

6. My new vegan hair growth mask. 

Two weeks ago I was introduced to Pump haircare and their great variety of proffesional , cruelty free haircare products. This particular mask with Organic Jamaican Black castor oil, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract ,Argan, Lavender, Jojoba Oil to name a few of the ingredients , is a wonderful add to my natural haircare routine. I use it once a week as a conditioner but you can also leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning for an intentense treatment. I encourage you to read all the honest reviews of this brand on Trustpilot , Beauty Heaven and any other online review sites.  

natural long hair tips
Do you prefer Vegan- Cruelty Free products? 
Have you tried any homemade masks and treatments for your hair?
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