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What to wear in Greece in June-July-August

What to wear in greece in summer.

(Last update 2020)
what to wear in greece in summer

Hello, lovelies! It's been a while since the last time I published a guide but here we are, ready to touch on yet another frequently asked question on my Instagram DMs. "What to wear in Greece during summer: is something that many of you seem to wonder. Maybe you are planning on traveling to Santorini, Athens, Mykonos or simply are curious. Today I am going to answer your questions the best way I can.

I have spent 24 years in Greece and the one thing I can definitely vouch for is the warm (somedays too hot) weather. The temperature will almost never fall under 28 degrees nor will rise above 35 but still if you are not used to the heat you have to mentally prepare yourself.

what to wear in greece in summer
what to wear in greece in summer

1. Go for loose, comfortable trousers.

Cotton, linen, silk, and jersey in light, neutral colors don't trap body heat and absorb contrary to other fabrics like wool and polyester. 

2. Choose tops and blouses that don't restrict your movements.

The feeling of being restricted by your own clothes is probably the worst during hot, summer days. I personally spend most of my days in Greece wearing off the shoulder tops, basic v-neck t-shirts, and loose button-up shirts. Any type of lace will most certainly give you the worst tanning lines due to constant sun exposure.

what to wear in greece in summer

3. If you plan on visiting a Greek Island, avoid wearing heels.

Let's get one thing straight. It is literally impossible to wear heels all day on a Greek Island. You can always pack your favorite heels in order to wear them for a few hours in the nightclub or at the restaurant. but the streets are definitely not made for that kind of footwear. Sandals and sneakers are by far the comfiest choices.

4. Never go out under the sun without a hat.

From 1 pm-5 pm, the sun can be a danger to your health especially if you are not used to it. Pick a basic hat design that will look good with pretty much all your outfits and wear it religiously.

what to wear in greece in summer

5. Nightout.

Evenings can be a little windy in the Greek Islands even during summer. Don't forget to pick up a jacket, blazer, or at least a scarf to wear around your shoulders. I wouldn't recommend short, loose dresses or tops especially if you are planning on taking a walk.

6. What's in your beach bag?
The one thing you should never forget to bring with you is your sunscreen. Sunbathing can be extremely damaging to your skin without the proper SPF. (I would recommend a 50+SPF protection). Always wear a pair of high-quality sunglasses even if you are sitting under a beach umbrella. Have a bottle of water in your bag at all times in order to avoid dehydration.

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