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7 Beauty and Skincare Trends That Were Huge Decades Ago – and Still Look Great Today

In the ever-changing world of fashion and beauty trends, it can sometimes feel like everything has already been done before – and for good reason. Just ask your grandmother: plenty of old school styles are still extremely popular.

Here are seven exciting beauty trends from the past that you might recognize today.

1. Bob Cuts

That short, cute bob haircut you just saw on your favorite celebrity may seem quite daring, but it’s actually a trend that started roughly in the 1920s. This shaggy, short cut was often paired with pinned curls. However, the modern option is styled with beach waves for a more tousled, fresh out of bed look.

2. Red Lips

Bright red lipstick has been a timeless trend since the 1940s war era, when women used it to make a strong, bold beauty statement. In more recent years we’ve seen countless celebrities wearing bright red lipstick with precise, contoured edges. You can achieve the same look with concealer and lip liner.
3. Edgy Brows

The bold brows you see in the beauty world today are nothing new. In the 1980s, bolder brows were a huge trend (remember Brooke Shields?). It seems that the look has made a comeback, with many today women undergoing microblading treatments to make their brows appear thicker and perfectly drawn.
4. Liner Wings

A very iconic look that still turns heads is the winged liner, or cat eyeliner style. This trend started in the 1960s with icons like Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn. Nowadays, the winged liner is a classy style that many women use to make their eyes and eyelashes pop. It might seem difficult to achieve for those at home, but practice makes perfect. You can even use tape to help you get a clean line on the corner of your eyes.

5. Feathery Locks

The fashion icons of the 70s were all about hair. This means that the feathery curls of Farrah Fawcett’s day are still a huge hit. These curly locks are easy to achieve now with just a little hairspray and some teasing. The ladies of the 70s knew how to achieve these voluminous curls, and many of the same hairstyling techniques that were used then are still common in modern-day salons.
6. Colorful Shadow

The 80s were a time for bold lids with bold colors, and to an extent, this trend has been hanging around since. Along with the extremely bright hues that were common in those years, many beauty icons are now incorporating a great blend of greens, purples, and blues to their shadows. Some are even taking their eyeshadow up a notch with more fiery palettes, blending in bright reds and oranges.

7. Half-Moon Manicures

We’re taking it back to the 1920s and 1930s with this manicure option. Ladies still favor this approach because it’s a simple and elegant way to brighten the nails on a regular basis. The half-moon manicures of today are somewhat bolder, though, using striking hues of polish to make the nail stand out. Some even combine colors to create a unique twist on this classic manicure design. For those who prefer a simpler style, use white polish for the tip and leave the rest of the nail clear.
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