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White mountains

What to wear to a ski resort. Outfit Ideas for a day at the snow.
mountain warm outfit ideas for cold weather
A few much-needed changes
Photographer: Kleiklis

After an extremely long period of heavy rain and overall terrible weather, we are finally back to the usual sunny, warm days. The weather really took a toll on me over the last few weeks. I guess I am one of those people who simply cannot function during moody, winter days. My motivation had been close to non-existent and as hard as I tried to light up my spirit is simply wasn't possible. As soon as the first rays of sunshine appeared on the sky and the temperature has risen to 17 degrees we knew it was time for a quick spring getaway. I have been wanted to visit the mountains for a month but due to the circumstances, we were unable to do so in February. We found ourselves excited to see the last drops of snow for this year cause soon any hint of white will be gone. Roadtrips have always been my favorite way of traveling (maybe because I can't have a few breaks to enjoy the view ).

Anyways we arrived at the mountains pretty early considering it was easily a 2-hour drive from home and instantly ordered a hot cup of coffee. It is funny how cold it really was the moment we reached the ski resort. We practically started our journey wearing a t-shirt and by the time we arrived the wind was blowing so hard, we can barely see. Seeing this beautiful landscape was really therapeutic for me. Despite the fact that I ended up with more than 200 hundred different photos in my memory card witch you will endure watching on my Instagram feed, I promise you my boyfriend finally convinced me to hop back in the car and make our way back to the city in the evening. 


warm outfit ideas for cold weather

mountain warm outfit ideas for cold weather snow outfit ideas
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