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The good and the bad side of blogging

Negative and positive things about blogging.

pros and cons of starting a blog
When blogging isn't just... blogging.

As I am writing these lines I am still not sure If I should publish this post or not. I have been thinking of sharing my opinion in the general subject of "blogging" for quite some time now but every time I tried something seemed to stop me from doing so.

Blogging is such a common thing these days. Everyone can freely have a platform to share their interests, emotions, opinions, etc and this, in my opinion, is something amazing. For me, blogging is liberating. Sitting in front of my computer, writing, thinking, and generally creating something from scratch makes every one of my days significantly better. I really enjoy hearing your opinions, thoughts, and constructive criticism. Blogging has definitely changed my life for the better. I am surely not the same person I was 4 years ago and yes, writing in this platform played a huge role in my transformation.

As in pretty much every job, hobby out there you can surely find the good and the bad, the two sides which will always battle one another.

New Opportunities. The one thing that surprised me the most about blogging is how many opportunities came along with it. Opportunities that certainly could never cross my way otherwise. I had the pleasure of working side by side with a few of my absolute favorite brands. Some of them I have been wearing since high school. The idea of being one of the "faces" of my favorite brands, even on social media, was so surreal for me (well, it still is.).

Always feeling challenged. Another thing that keeps me motivated every day even after all this time is the constant challenge blogging really is. There are so many new things I needed to learn and so many more I haven't discovered yet. I learned about photography, editing, writing, properly presenting myself online without being forced into faking but most importantly how difficult it really is to maintain a healthy balance between sharing and over-sharing your life online.

fashion blogging, is it worth it?
Communication skills. I will never stop feeling amazed every time I look back and remember how terrible my communication skills were 4-5 years ago. The constant need to socialize with people whether I am at an event or simply by writing emails back and forth really helped me overcome some negative habits. I am now more put-together with the way I speak, act, and respond. I can definitely cope with situations that would certainly give me anxiety and pure panic a few years ago.

Some people will try to take advantage of you/ aka be careful of who you work with. This was something I couldn't understand for a very long time. There were times when I felt more than unhappy with a deal and still went ahead and did my end of the bargain. I later understand how important it really is to be happy and 100% on board with a deal, sponsorship, or simple collaboration. There were surely a fair amount of people who contacted me for all the wrong reasons (this is a whole other subject tho). My point is, always be careful of who you associate your self with, do research, hear other people's opinions, trust your gut.

Constantly feeling I am not good enough. Another misstep of mine, especially during the last 2 years was all the time I spend comparing my content to everyone else's work. There will always be people that are doing better than you in some aspect of your life. Comparing someone else's looks, personality will only harm yourself and your overall mentality. I stopped trying to find all the possible flaws I could and started to focus on my own content and what I put out for the world to see.

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