Tips for a healthier body & skin for 2018 with StrongerLabel

Tips for a healthier body & skin for 2018

Drink More Water
For those of us who have real trouble
remembering to drink water daily

F or those of you who are consistent with the amount of water your body receives every day , great! You are definitely on the right track. But for all of us who tend to forget or neglect the importance of water in our lives I found a few easy tricks that helped me tremendously over the last year. Replace every drink you have with water (well, not coffee, at least for me). Personally I am not a big fun of drinks like Coca Cola, Pepsi etc. so the only drinks I really had to replace was iced-tea and boxed juices. As soon as you cut out all the unnecessary drinks, especially the ones that contain too much sugar.

Download an app that reminds you to drink water every few hours. Now that's something that really helped me the first few months. I simply cannot remember to stop what I am doing in order to have a glass of water (most often on the months of winter when I don't really feel any kind of thirst). I use the app Water "Drink Reminder" (for Android) but you can find some amazing ones for IOS as well like "Daily Water".

Add flavor to your water. This is something I mostly do in the morning. I add a few drops of lemon juice or a slice of lime to my fist bottle of water. Lemon helps with digestion and re hydration and lime is known to be rich in vitamin C.

Always order a glass of water with your meal, coffee, drinks etc. I found out that it really makes it easier for me if I constantly see a glass of water siting next to my drink or plate.

Tips for a healthier body & skin for 2018

Battle acne naturally
Diet changes and tricks that helped me get a clearer skin

I started getting my fist breakouts about 3 years ago (possibly after taking the next day pill ) and even though at first I thought that these break outs will literally never stop the situation is way better this year. I have always been against taking acne pills (I know that they helped tremendously many people with severe problems but just couldn't bring myself to do it) and this was the main reason I slowly started cutting things out of my diet so I can see what ingredients and foods made my acne problem worst. I spotted a great difference after reducing dairy products (everything but Greece cheese). Something that immediately gave me results as well is adding a portion of lettuce to my every meal, which was really hard because I never really ate any kind of salad before ( don't judge!).

As I have never taken any kind of acne pills I had to find something else to help me with my breakouts. Surprisingly the second natural treatment I actually tasted worked miracles for me. The only products I use are rose water, tea tree oil and almond oil. If I hadn't met @alexandrapotora and her amazing instagram videos I would probably still face constant breakouts I used to. Teat tree oil (which is perfect to fight acne bacteria) to be exact managed to reduce my acne scars in just 2 weeks time. Here is a link to her video, If you have an acne problem try these few steps, you have literally nothing to lose .

Gym VS Outdoors
Truth is I hate going to the gym

After stating this unpopular opinion lets talk about some personal facts. I find the feeling of being in a room with 200 more people, especially when I am working out , pretty unpleasant. I am more concerned about improving my cardio, maintaining a healthy weight, managing my blood pressure and improving my balance rather than with having abs. That's the main reason I prefer walking and running on a daily bases. Find the type of exercise that works best for yourself and for your own needs without being taken away by the current trends.
Tips for a healthier body & skin for 2018

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