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The most personal New Year's resolutions

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We are almost at the end of 2017 , once again I am sitting here amazed by how fast time flies away. People say that when you feel this way it's mainly because you have such a great time that you barely notice the hours, days come and go. Even though this isn't always the case this year has been more than kind to me. This is the year that marked great changes, new life chapters, smart decisions , adventures but also a fair amount of regrets and disappointment . Surely you can't have the one without the other. Overall 2017 will definitely leave a mark on my mind for the years to come.

I could sit here and talk about all the positive and the negative events that occurred all day long but this would be an extremely long post. Instead I will focus on a few key moments that definitely added something extra to an already exciting period of m life. October was the month I took maybe the digest, scariest yet most exciting decision so far. I made my mind about finally taking a step forward and follow a dream I already had for a very long time but was too scared to go after it due to all the possible hardships and long, overwhelming that go with it. I decided to take my field of study to a whole new direction, miles away from fashion,styling etc. I do love everything fashion-related and will never stop doing what I love but I felt that this was the right time for a change. It is never "too late" to change your mind or better yet, explore new things that felt unreachable before. 2017 was a big reminder that we are all capable of so much more than I thought.
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Notes to my future self 

Don't accept any additional work when your days are already filled with engagements . 

Have a few hours to yourself every single day

Keep chasing your new dreams even in the days you feel desperate

Never refuse a great opportunity to go out for a coffee or a drink with your friends

Keep your mind open to new ideas

Pay less attention to other's opinions about you

Search for your constant, daily inspiration in every place

Be less angry with the world around you

Go out with your mother for coffee at least once a month

Save up for traveling 
Keep reminding yourself that it's ok not being able to do 100 things in 24 hours.
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