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#WeAllCan American Eagle Outfitters Campaign

#ICAN and #WEALLCAN campaign by American Eagle Outfitters promotes self-love and body positivity.
american eagle outfiters influencer campaign
Over the last few years more and more brands dedicate their time to not only make people look beautiful but also feel the same way in the inside. Terms like "body positivity" and "diversity" slowly but staidly take their rightful place in the fashion industry. Brands and designers launch more and more collections to cover the needs of every person's body type and skin tone equally.

Women and men are encouraged everyday to show off their true selfs ,flaws and all included. The real version of you should not be hidden but embraced and we all have the power to make it happen. Big celebrities and social media starts have already showed of the real, un-photoshoped body and face in an effort make a statement against the discrimination in the fashion industry.Already we can see a significant change in shapes and sizes but there is still a long way to go.
Outfit Details:

american eagle outfiters influencer campaign american eagle outfiters influencer campaign american eagle outfiters influencer campaign american eagle outfiters influencer campaign
#ICAN by American Eagle

American Eagle outfitters launched several campaigns to promote the message of self-love and self-acceptance, giving the chance to every woman and man to feel special while wearing their favorite, every designs. The #ICAN campaign ,started in 2017, encourages people to show what their are capable of doing, feel confident and bring their beautiful self forward.

Instead of sticking at the same old "zero size, flawless figure" stereotype , American Eagle featured people from different fields and backgrounds like the rapper Joey Bada$$, Basketball player Bonner Bolton , Model Amanda Steele and Halima Aden as the face of their new back to school and New American Jeans collections.

Jut by having a quick glimpse at AEO's newest campaign video on youtube you can clearly see that the fashion industry stereotypes are getting crushed day by day and this could not make us any happier .More realistic portrayals of beauty is something we all crave for. Shop AEO denim collection
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