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Summer to Fall transition prt2- tops for every occasion

Women fall tops 2017
7 tops for every occasion  

In my previous post on the blog we talked about "7 denim jackets for every weather" and this time is all about tops. More accurately tops for every occasion. Sadly it is time to leave our cute, little off shoulder tops behind and incorporate a few Fall-key pieces to our every day wardrobe to battle with those chilly afternoons.

1. The long sleeve shirt
If you are following my blog for quite some time , you have probably seen more than enough long sleeve tops over the years. like this long sleeve shirt in my "Satin and Gold" post back in April. My goal is to have a few super versatile neutral colored shirts that can adapt to every situation easily. This black, long self tie shirt can easily be easily paired up with a pair of jeans and your favorite black loafers during the day and be transformed into a chic ,night look with a black, knee high skirt and a pair of pumps for an evening out with your friends. During this month you will be able to find a tone of fashion tops for women online for every budget ( the perks of yet another transitional month, right?). In case you are one step ahead and already own all the "basic" shirts for this season take a look at this geometrical print shirt for under $20.

2.The light sweater (perfect for layering)
We have successfully came to my favorite topic! I am a big sweater junkie and for a good reason. Light-weight sweaters are ideal for layering, especially during a season that evenings are significantly colder than any other hour of the day. I usually find myself playing the layering game with more than one ways, my all time favorite being the loose, long sleeve under a simple white (or gray) sweater and a pair of denim shorts (or jeans). This loose wide V sweater from Yoins . is exactly what I am talking about. A casual yet flattering design. For those you are not ready to start the layering game , you can start with a cute, cold shoulder gray sweater and work your way through the month of September.

3. Crop tops in Fall
As we mentioned earlier this month is ideal for a little experimentation. Browsing through your favorite shops will sure be able to find a variety of fashion crop top for women online  (take a look at this gorgeous embroidered, mesh crop top  on sale for under $20) . Another favorite top of mine for this season which you might have seen me styling in more than one occasions is the trusted turtleneck long sleeve crop top .Remember this beige top on my instagram back in 2016? The only design for the crop top trend I haven't tried yet is a hoodie ( I do feel like it time but frankly , I am not really sure ).

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