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Summer to Fall transition - 7 denim jackets for every weather

Affordable denim jackets for fall 2017
7 denim jackets for every weather 7 denim jackets for every weather

Hello everyone! No matter what you see on my instagram feed I am now back from my summer holidays and as much as I would love to keep posting every sunkissed beach I visited this season , unfortunately I might have to accept the reality .As I mention almost every time I come back from a trip , I have a great difficulty to adapt once again and return to my daily routine.  I would like nothing more than to talk about my next bikini purchase but unfortunately, this post will not come soon. Instead it is time for another big wardrobe transition, and this time it will include denim.

1.The denim investment 
If you love denim as much as I do you probably find yourself looking for new, affordable pieces to add to your already big collection, and even though this is a good idea , I personally believe that every wardrobe should have at least one " investment piece of denim ". Unlike many other clothes and accessories this type of jacket is something you will definitely get the most use out of it (+ it never goes out of fashion). I got my Paige Denim jacket (see above) about a year ago from Nordstrom and even if this particular design is currently sold out , there are dozens of similar pieces range starting from $100. Take a look at this light wash denim jacket for under $250.

2. Statement
Statement jackets (well, and bags) are the first thing that comes to my mind while I am looking for a great way to elevate a simple, casual look.This Frill jacket from Missguided is definitely something worth watching if you are looking for an affordable statement piece. I also came across a similar jacket with the one I wore on instagram a while back which you guys seemed to love at that time on Bloomingdale's on sale for $50 . Lastly the one that I will probably add to my cart very soon is this Asos long line jacket with the most gorgeous vintage vibe.

3. Best under $50
I know all about shopping on a budget and truthfully you will be able to find a few gems if you know where to look. Don't miss the opportunity to grab something that's on sale exactly the right moment. This Asos Denim Jacket is now on sale for $47 (original price $79). Another favorite of mine, this hooded denim jacket is now under $40 from Nordstrom Rack. Last but not least you can have this black oversized piece for $30 .

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