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Sports wear favorites under $100

Sport chic outfit ideas for fall - velvet hoodie- running shoes under $100
Sport chic outfit ideas for fall
Most of the times my Fall wardrobe essentials definitely include a few comfy-chic sweatshirts, hoodies and casual white sneakers . Even though a belted wool coat can take you a long way during this season and its unexpected weather I usually find myself in the balancing my every day looks between comfortness and casual-chic with a twist. If you have already seen my previous post this month where I styled a gray hoodie, a pair of ripped denim shorts with my current favorite velvet embroidered bag you already know one of my favorite ways to style this kind of looks for the day.

To be honest a hoodie and a pair of sneakers can take you a long way. I have already planned a whole outfit in my mind featuring this Silver shinny sweater, a leather skirt and a pair of black platform sneakers. The lantern sleeve shirt will definitely look great with a gray light knitted-knee high skirt. Thankfully there are tons of unexpected combinations you can pull off when it comes to sports wear which are not mainly focused on work out looks and are definitely not connected with a day at the gym as they used to. Take a look at Zaful's new sportswear collection. You surely won't be disappointed.
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