Choosing a career out of the ordinary

Sometimes admitting how overwhelming the blogging world and social media really are is quite difficult. There have been more than enough times I found myself hiding what I really do when people I hardly know ask me the "so, what are you working on right now?" question. In reality it is not because of shame or shyness, it's the fact that people in most cases are not able to understand someone else's choices unless it is something they have been taught to be an "appropriate" job. I am not solely talking about the business of blogging but fashion related fields in general. Not a lot of people know that apart from this blog I have also been working on numerous other projects as a stylist, visual merchandiser and fashion editor over the last 3 years.

Yes, starting a blog along with my fashion design degree helped tremendously so far. Weather we like it or not social media are the present and the future of every industry. I personally believe that the way you present your self online, how you write, the messages you are trying to get across using your influence, raising your own unique voice to help other people instead of simply going with the flow are in fact crucial elements that will definitely help you survive in the fashion industry.

Even though these are the facts for quite some time now and almost every person out there has even the smallest understanding of how blogging and social media works I still hear people talking behind someone's back about how superficial the fashion industry really is and how , in their opinion, people should get "real" jobs , after all there are thousands of fashion bloggers, social media celebrities , fashion journalists and editors out there. I still can't help but feel a little frustrated with people that are stuck back in the 2000's even if they are only 20-25 years old.

The world around us is constantly evolving. People are now able to choose a career out the ordinary.They are able to be the boss of their own self and create something beautiful for the world to see. Instead of spreading negativity maybe we should all stop and think for a second before we judge someone who is actually following his/her dream.

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