Things you should know before you travel to Greece

Things you should now before you travel to Greece

Which are the most affordable months to visit .

Summer season starts (unofficially) in May and ends at the end of September. Even though July and August are the most popular months for tourists they also are significantly more expensive than any other month of the year. If you are traveling on a budget the best choice for you is to wait until the month of August has passed or book your holiday trip in the middle of May in order to score the best deals on tickets,hotels etc. In case you are wondering about the temperature changes throughout these months, don't! You are still going to experience the full "summer in Greece" experience. The weather only starts to change significantly in late October-November.

Top 3 things you should always carry around with you 

You can never have too much sunscreen. I cannot highlight enough the importance of constantly carrying around with you the highest SPF sunscreen you can find (SPF indicates how effective the sunscreen is in preventing sunburn). The danger of getting a sunburn is real and you should always keep in mind to apply a descent amount of sunscreen even if you are sitting under a beach umbrella of in a shadowy place.

Almost as important as having your sunscreen in your bag at all times is wearing sunglasses during the day. Sunglasses also play a major role since the skin around your eyes in super-sensitive to sunlight and can develop cancer easier due to its sensitivity. Sunglasses are both eye and skin protectors especially in Greece, where the sun shines really bright for many hours during the day,

ALWAYS carry a bottle of water with you. The danger of dehydration is also extremely real in this temperature , further more if you are not used to the heat. If you are planning on having any kind of physical exercise ( walking from one point of the city/island to another, visit the museums, go swimming ) keep a bottle of water with you at all times.

Greek people are really friendly

If you are planning on visiting Greece you should probably know that the chances of starting small talks and chit chats with the locals are pretty high. Don't be alarmed. It is usual to start a conversation with someone, in any place, at any time!

The many different types of coffee

As crazy as it sounds to many people (tourists) I've met over the years in Greece ,we choose our coffee based on the season. No I don't mean just adding ice cubes to hot drinks. You can have a cold cappuccino coffee (freddo cappuccino), a cold espresso coffee (freddo espresso) , frappe (Frappé) and cold Greek coffee. I rarely see blog posts talking about the differences between these types of coffees from their widely-known hot version so I am going to try and break it down for you.

  1.  freddo cappuccino - the cold version of a cappuccino, and the drink usually has a small amount of cold frothed milk atop it known as aphrogala (Greek: αφρόγαλα) 
  2. freddo espresso - despite their Italian names, differ greatly in taste and preparation from their Italian counterparts (being made from instant coffee) .It is prepared with a double shot of espresso coffee mixed in a mixer with a few ice cubes and poured over ice
  3. Frappe - is a Greek foam-covered iced coffee drink made from instant coffee (generally, spray-dried Nescafe), water and sugar.

Follow the the greek lifestyle

If you are determined to have a full "Greek experience" just go with the flow. Greek people are known for eating, drinking and partying. No matter your destination you will most luckily find more than enough taverns and night clubs in walking distance of your accommodation. Most clubs open at 11pm and close in the morning and most taverns are open all day long till 1am so you will have plenty of time to have a taste of everything while you are on holidays.You can taste the local cuisine and have a few glasses of traditional Greek drinks.

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