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natural beauty editorial- Greece

"Next time you think of beautiful things, 
don't forget to count yourself in"

Lately I feel like the situation is completely out of hand. We are so consumed by the "perfect" image portraited by the media that we tent to forget the importance of actually learning how to accept our natural self.

Don't get me wrong , make up is a form of art and I am not hypocrite. I wear makeup most of the days, especially in the city where I feel like there is an unwritten rule about women wearing makeup 24/7. It does make you feel a lot more confident even if your skin is flawless by its nature. Yes, even when my skin was flawless I used to put on make up every single day at school, at uni , every day for years and years.

And yes! Lot's of women and girls put on makeup simply to impress others around them even if they are protesting otherwise. At the end no matter how hard we try to bake our face it's our personality that drives people towards or away from us. Not just men, every one.

I have spend so much time trying to make myself look better in any way that I ended up forgetting the importance of making myself feeling better as well. The images you see on magazines aren't real, the images you see on instagram , on all the social media aren't real! Everyone's bodies have flaws, stretchmarks, acne scars .EVERYONES(!). Reality is that some of them are better at hiding it than the rest of us.'

natural beauty editorial- Greece
natural beauty editorial- Greece

natural beauty editorial- Greecenatural beauty editorial- Greece

natural beauty editorial- Greece

Photographer@kleiklis /  Location -  Potidea, Halkidiki, Greece
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