affordable islands in Greece

A few weeks ago I promised you guys a whole new series of posts dedicated to the subject of traveling in Greece on a budget . Most of you started leaving instagram comments and DMs on how I manage to spend so little while I am on holidays , which are the most affordable places I have ever visited in Greece and of course , tips and tricks for pretty much everything considering prices, hotels, and transportation. I am currently sitting on a striped beach chair right next to the sea with more than 20 people looking at me , curious about the fact that I actually brought my laptop at the beach and I am finally going to answer as many questions as I can in one post.

  • I always prefer camping than villas and hotels
Every time I want to visit a place I have never seen before camping is the first thing that comes to my mind. No, I don't mean simply putting up a tent in the middle of nowhere. In fact there are planty of organised camping places that offer access to restaurants, coffee places , beach bars , electricity, wifi, clean toilets and of course, showers with warm water and privacy (here is an example) for around $25 per day.

  • Means of transportation
As soon as I find the camping place that I like the most is the way of transportation from the port to the camping, from the camping to the city and to all the attractions I am planning to visit. We usually travel by our own motocycle but sometimes it is better for us to rent one as soon as arrive at our destination. You can choose to rent a motocycle, a car, a scooter, a bike, a quad (my personal favorite) for as low as $20 per day depending on the place. Most of Greek islands are really small so you can literally reach every place within minutes of driving. If you don't have a licence yet you can always take a cab or a bus. Usually you can find daily group tours that are offering to take you to the most poplar places on the island and return you back to the same place they picked you up at the evening.

  • Beach bars and coffee places
Usually if you go camping as I mentioned before the beach bar ( and the beach ) will be a few feet away from your tent. In most places they charge $4 for your coffee, ($7-8 for a cocktail) and you can sit there for as long as you wish to enjoy the beach. If you are not willing to spend money every day you can always bring your own  beach umbrella (you can find one to purchase in every mini-market) to sit under and enjoy your day for free.

  • Try a water sport you have never tried before
As I mentioned earlier I would much rather gather experiences than sitting in a hotel near the swimming pool. I always keep my accommodation expenses to a minimum so I can engage in activities I have never tried before.

You can rent a boat  to explore the island all by yourself (no license needed in most cases), just a  demonstration (a.k.a mini seminar) from the person in charge of the rental center. Renting a boat for the  day usually costs $50 +the fuel . As long as you are out in sea imagine all the beautiful places you will see, all the isolated parts of the island you will discover and all the fun you will have with your friends while doing so.

You can go scuba diving. In most Greek Islands you can learn how to dive with an instructor that will guide you through the process, safety measures and techniques so you will be able to have the most out of it. Every island is hiding so many beautiful sceneries underwater as it does above it. A two hours dive for beginners coasts around $70 depending on the place .

There are many more choices like Windsurfing, Flyboarding, Stand Up padding, Jet Skiing to check if there are available at the island of you are planning on visiting.

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