What I am grateful for this year #blogmas4

 Eating more caring less.

The whole world is so focused on the body image , manipulating you in every possible way and eventually you get caught in this everlasting madness of constant waist and hips measurements. Well, life is too short to prevent yourself from enjoying the simplest things as an extra slice of pizza, another glass of wine or ordering a donnut with your morning coffee. I do remember myself being conscious of every single bite I was having, being secretly afraid every time I needed to measure myself once again in order to order something online ,looking for every possible flaw in a photo rather than focusing on the beautiful results. The day I  said f* that was probably the day I felt the biggest relief in 2016. I started enjoying life even more than I did before mostly because the  biggest sources of my anxiety was in fact my constant need to always look perfect. I am grateful that I finally realized I love food more than everyone's opinions.

Spending time with friends is the best therapy

Another thing I was having such a hard time dealing with was finding a balance between work, relationships and friends. The times I caught myself being too busy working to return a text, a phone call was more than enough and by the time I got off the computer the only time I got left was 2-3 hours that needed to be my relaxation time. There have been days I felt so overwhelmed by everything that I simply wanted to put on whatever I could find in front of me , go meet my friend and tell her all about it. I promised to never skip an invitation for a coffee again and always find the time to meet my friends during the week cause the inspiration, motivation and relief I feel every time I return home from our meetings is beyond compare. I am grateful for having friends that can support me no matter what.

Fighting for what you want gives your life a new meaning

I am the first one to agree that accomplishments take time, effort and most importantly lots of anger , anxiety and failures. I keep reminding myself how unimportant things would be if they were given to us so easily, after all If you really gave 100% of your self chasing what you want and failed, you will be at least sure that you tried your best. I am a dream chaser ,having a life goal gives my whole life a motivation to keep doing my best until I reach it, and when I do , I will not stop until I reach the next one. I am grateful for all the things I achieved in 2016 through hard work and determination.

Travel more, worry later.

Traveling has always extremely therapeutic for me, not solely because of all the new places I get to see each time, but for the excitement of the adventure. The moment I step in the car, airplane, train etc I feel like I can leave all my daily struggles , anxiety and routine behind and focus on the trip and destination instead. I can't help but imagine how my life would be if I was born in every single place I visited, how different would I be? Would I still love the same things as I do now?. All these little mind games along with the new, exciting places I am blessed enough to see are the reason I never miss a chase to travel even for a 100 miles to the closest city. I am grateful for all the travels I was able to plan in 2016, of all the days I spend next to the sea with my hair wet , of all the great memories I have from the snow covered mountains and cozy,wooden houses.

Give and receive love every single day

Most importantly I am felling blessed for being able to give and receive as much love as I could over the last three years. Finding the one person that can love you exactly for who you are without all the makeup and well thought outfits it something I can never have enough of. Even though every single person has its insecurities, good and bad moments, anger issues etc I still can't believe that there is someone than can look pass all these and still love you for who you are , flaws and everything. I am grateful for knowing that what ever happens I will never be along again and I will always have someone to help me get back on my feet. I am grateful for finding someone that loves me unconditionally. 

Letting myself free

We are spending the majority of our lives pretending to be someone we are not. Constantly filtering ourself in order to seem correct to everyone outside our closest circle of friends. Hiding our opinions with the fear that might hurt someone or might sound wrong till the moment we realize that we are the ones that constantly get hurt from all these filters. Except from a few occasions I kept myself as real as I could this year. Sharing your opinion, give and receive advise is the only way you can be a better person . The truth is not always pleasant and should not only be stated politely. I am grateful for finally being able to speak up my mind and show my real self to everyone.

Stop worrying about every little imperfection on my skin

Last February my face started braking out , till that day I had never seen any imperfections on my face (not ever the usual redness) and that took a big hit at my self esteem. Even though the problem was and it is not as extended as many other peoples skin problems I was still feeling defeated by it. Personally I always wear makeup , expect from summer and I was really scared of facing this summer bare skin. And let me tell you , I didn't started small ahhaah. I spend my first summer days with no makeup in the University's camping. I soon realized than now one was actually looking at my skin imperfections . A few friends one day walked up to me and said "I can't understand what changed to your face " and that's when I really understood that we are the only ones that see our imperfections, other people don't pay attention to a few acne scars , they see your whole image and since this is a problem that too many people face, seriously nobody even cares. I am grateful for finally being able to understand that a few flaws on my face are not making any difference.


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