How To Host A Holiday Girls Night In #blogmas11

Since I was a teen I was always obsessed with hosting girls- night- only gatherings and even though the things we could do during those years were pretty limited we always managed to have a great evening and tones of fun. Now that years went by our ' girls nights' are significant fewer but  still as exciting as before. Truthfully hosting any kind of party of gathering have always been a great pleasure of mine and what's a better season to host the perfect only girls party that the Holiday season?

Girl's night in decor ideas:

Find a theme: Half of the excitement comes from the preparation and what's better than a themed gathering? Since it is the holidays you don't have to work very hard on the decoration part, most of you are probably already put on your Christmas decorations a while back. Now that the theme is already known it is time for a few edits.

 As cozy as it gets: You can't host a holiday girl's night in without adding the words warm and cozy in it. The best way to do that is by giving a warm, soft blanket ( like this solid velvet style ) to each one of your best friends (and yourself) in order to cuddle up it while watching your favorite movie or as you enjoy a delicious ,holiday drink (see bellow). Another great idea that will definitely add a cozy touch to your evening is giving your friends something completely personalized for them to keep even after the gathering. I found this monogram white-gold mug ($7) and this very similar cup on sale (just for $2.98) but if you are in a strict budget you can always DIY the mugs yourself (see the easiest tutorial here )

Girl's night in food and drinks:

Holiday Drinks: Moving on to the most exciting part of the preparation, the ultimate treats and drinks. Judging from my experience usually you would love something to boost your energy and that something is most of the times alcohol. Serving a plain glass of wine is great but since this is a holiday nights in gathering why don't you put a little effort into making something delicious and Christmassy in just a few minutes? This White Christmas Margarita punch recipe  looks absolutely yummy ,or how about a 2 mins Campfire Cocktail  with chocolate syrup and let's not forget the Jingle Juice Holiday Punch that's just perfect for every holiday party.

Finger food: Next up is the treats. You may want to keep the recipes affordable just because you might need a lot of them during the night. This Oreo cookies bases recipe is everything a chocoholic needs during every day of the week.but just in case you prefer your treats to be salty Homemade Mac and Cheese bites  and ....  are both extremely easy and super tasty for you and your friends.

*You can always add another personalized touch here by preparing a few cute handwritten, name tags clipped on each one of your friend's plates.

Things to do during your holiday girls night in gathering

Secret Santa gift exchange : Probably the greatest way to start off an exciting gathering is by exchanging little gifts. Call each one of your friends a week prior , set a budget that everyone will feel comfortable with ( something small and personalized always has the greatest value) and wait for the big moment.

Gift wrapping: One of our favorite things we always use to do in the a holiday girl's night in is gift wrapping. Each of you can bring the presents you already bought for your family and loved ones in order to wrap them together. This is so exciting especially since everyone has a different idea to put in the table. You can always go out a few days before and purchase all the supplies like wrapping paper, gift decorations, many types of ribbons and of course, my ultimate favorite , gift tags. I always print my favorite gift tags ( straight from pinterest as usual). This year I found the cutest "Santa special delivery " tags  which you can download for free and of course I saved all my favorite gift wrapping techniques , styles and tags on my 'Christmas Sparkle' board .

Movies or Series :  The most common yet very fun part of the night. Watching a movie (or a few episodes) with your friends give a whole new meaning to it. All you need is a good movie ( preferable something for the Holidays, cause common on! It's a holiday girls night in ) that everyone will want to watch or maybe a few episodes of a series that noone watched before. A few suggestions based on my all time favorite movies would be Love actually, The Santa Clause, The Holiday, The family man . As for the tv-series I am currently obsessed , The  stitchers, Lucifer , the 100 and Limitless .

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