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5 jackets I will wear a lot these holidays #blogmas1

5 jackets you really need these holidays
5 jacket you need to have for this Holiday season

- 1 . The warm versatile coat

If you are a loyal reader of my blog you probably know by know what a big sucker for coats I really am. From all the recent and previous purchases this nakd fashion two colored coat is most definitely the one I find myself wearing over and over again since the first day I laid hands on it. A versatile, neutral colored coat is for sure something that every girl should own not only cause it is extremely easy to pair it up with literally any outfit due to it's color , length and material but also you can be sure it will never go out of style. I am going to stop right there because I made these point two times before on my previous posts  " Beatrix for nakd and "The perfect travel outfit for the holidays " .

5 jacket you need to have for this Holiday season

-2.The embroidered bomber jacket

Even though bomber jackets are a trending item and probably won't be in for long I simply can't leave them out of my favorite coats for the holidays list. When it comes to trendy designs like this one I always prefer something not basic (enjoy it while it last right?) and this embroidered bomber jacket is surely not a basic piece. Both the soft shades and eye-catching design made me fell in love with it and actually style in different ways, especially with sweatpants and sweaters.Why I think this would be a perfect jacket for the holidays? Cause it will definitely add a stylish touch to every casual, morning outfit I will put on before I head over to the city center ( so many gifts to choose, such a little time!)

5 jacket you need to have for this Holiday season

-3. The lightweight, long jacket

Every time I refer to this jacket I always present it as a cardigan even though is clearly not knitted but is much lighter than a usual coat. I am completely aware of he fact that this jacket along will not work well with winter temperatures and that's why I keep this lightweight jacket for layering. Usually I untie the belt , put on a leather jacket and wrap a blanket scarf around me. There is nothing more cozy than a layered outfit especially when you always end up in a coffee place after every errand you have to run in the city like I am. If winter is not that cruel in your country put on a chunky, turtleneck sweater , a pair of denim , your black ankle boots and you are ready to go.

5 jacket you need to have for this Holiday season

-4. The waterproof jacket

Moving on to perhaps the most clever purchase I made a few days before I left for the Bansko Ski Resort. I am not used to snowy mountains and freezing temperatures . As I complained about a million times on instagram, Greece is always pretty warm even in Christmas so travels like this one really catch me unguarded. I really learned my lesson since last year and along with that the importance of owning a waterproof jacket for every winter getaway (or winter sport you might like to try along the way)

5 jacket you need to have for this Holiday season

-5. The denim jacket

Yes, I know, What a surprise! Like the neutral colored jacket-cardigan above this is another piece I keep strictly for layering but this time I always try to pair it up with camel coats and blanket scarfs, high-neck blouses and leather jackets or a black fur coat. For all the combinations I mentioned and for a thousand more styling tricks you can pull of during every season investing in a high quality denim jacket is definitely a wise choice since it is after all one of the most basic pieces for every season.
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