Best holiday gift ideas for the family

best holiday gift ideas for the family

We are a breath away from the Holidays, the most beautiful time of the year and a great opportunity to give
 and receive all the love you have in you for the people close to you that you maybe neglect to show as often
 as it should. Before I start rambling about all the holiday gift ideas I reshered  over the last two weeks I 
would like to poin out that gifts, even thoough exciting, cannot replace all the emotions and gratidute you 
have to express to your family through words and actions (especially durring the this season). Before you 
pick something beautiful (maybe from the list above?) make sure to add a personalized touch to any gift ,
 maybe a handwritten christmas card? A diy package with a few polaroid snaps of you and your family 
wrapped around the bow ? Some handcrafted holiday gift tags for every member of your family? You name
 it! Make it special, personal and unique (You now they diserve it!)

Gift Ideas for your mom - How to decide

This is probably the greatest time to gift your mom something that she needs in her daily wardrobe but thinks
she thinks it is a little "over her clothing budget". Women at any age love to have something chic and
 luxurious but moms most of the times tend to put a few of their need on hold. Personally I think this
  cashmere neurtal colored sweater ($79) is a great choice cause of it's beautiful , solf  facric and versatility.
 Another great gift idea for your mom is somethin basic yet classy that can be worn alot during the holidays
and of course, all wear long with many casual and formal outfits is the Blaque Blazer ($108) . Every year I
 give a few extra dollars just for my mom's gift because I know that there are things she would love to have
 but never decides to order herself. Lastly, if you are looking for a strick budget choice a great gift for you
 mom a nice, clean pair of earrings (not too formal or informal) like the Kate Spade Studd earrings ( $36) or
 the Drop Earrings ($33) would be the best ideas.

Gift Ideas for your dad - How to decide

Ohh, dad. The only one that keeps complaining about the fact that Father's day is much less known than
 Mother's day , the one that always informs you that "he wants nothing for Christmas" but still acts like a little
 child as soon as you pass him his gift ( is it just my dad?!). My fist and most popular among all the gift ideas
 for your father is of course a classic timepiece like the Nixon watch ($250) or the Citizen Eco
 Drive($187) .If youe dad fances most casual designs maybe you should consider the Caliborne gold tone
 ($49) or the Caliborne leather ($63) . In case his watch collection is already too big maybe a bracelet ( like
 the Crucible $49) would be a great match for his favorite watch. If your father loves something personalized
 but still is not ready to wear a necklace you can find personalized, monogram cufflinks (maybe with your
 name's fist letter?) like the Cathy's silver cufflinks ($43) . Last but not least if your dad spends lots of time 
outdoors maybe you should consider a more practical (but still classy) gift like the Ralph Lauren scarf ( $48)


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