How to deal with daily stress

Stress has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I really can't calculate how many times stress and social anxiety prevented me from accomplishing even the most plain, daily tasks (let's now talk about all the sleepless nights before a deadline, important project, or even an uncomfortable situation I  had to face the next day). It took me more than enough years to understand the problem yet along facing it but no matter how scary things look there is always a way to cope with every situation without letting stress get in the way of your daily activities. Even though there is no magic solution since stress is triggered by tones of different reasons there are a few simple steps I take during the day that definitely helps me calm my mind (and body). 

Take your time in the morning. The majority of my school years and my first year in college I was setting my alarm clock way to late forcing myself to get up, get ready, grab my coat and run out of my house just in time to catch the bus. This unnecessary morning stress was ruining my mood and half of my day, especially by having the constant fear of always being late. Three years I added one extra hour to my morning routine, the difference was more than surprising. I not only take my time to enjoy a cup of coffee, read a few pages of my favorite book, and have breakfast with my boyfriend but also have an additional half-hour to get to my destination without having to worry about running up late.

Get read of all the "toxic" people around you
Another great relief was the moment I broke every bond with all the people that were causing me stress and anxiety just by being around me. Think of all the people close to you that affect you with their negativity, all those who instead of supporting you they always seem to find every little flaw in your plans (yes, we all had them) and stop engaging with them. Even the ones that just bring you unfortunates for no particular reason. Positive vibes only!

Steal an hour within or after work to sit outdoors
My Instagram feed is field with outdoor pictures (mainly with a cup of coffee in my hand) and there is a good reason behind them. I never miss a good opportunity to grab a coffee or lunch and simply sit outside to enjoy it. If the weather does not allow me to do so I usually sit at my favorite coffee place (in a quiet, cozy corner) with my book,  laptop, or latest project to work on ). Stealing a few moments of your day to clear your mind is truly essential in order to keep being motivated throughout the day.

Close your phone and take two hours every evening to watch a movie
You will be surprised at how little things like these can actually help your daily stress. Every night for the last five years I wrap myself with my favorite blanket and catch up with all my favorite series and new movies. Your mind will be occupied with something new and exciting every single night letting no room for stress to crawl back in you before you go to sleep. Current favorite series: The 100, Limitless, Stranger Things, American Horror Story, Blindspot, Mr. Robot, Lucifer. Current favorite movies: Letters to Juliet, The Devil wears Prada, The desert flower, Chocolat, Now you see me, The inner life of Martin Frost.
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