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I spend almost 2 hours going through hundreds of photos last night, mainly from 6-7 years ago. I was lost in my school memories, teenage boyfriends , blurry
 selfies and outrageous clothing choices for quite some time. I have heard so many times over and over again that  many people would like nothing more 
than to erase a few high-school years and their memories of certain behaviors, incidents and so on but for me this was probably the most careless and exciting
 period of my life (so far).  If I had the chance to go back in time and change something it would probably be a few very intense ( but totally teenage related )
 drama with my parents, just around the time that most of us thought that the whole world was up to get us but rather that these everything would definitely
 stay exactly the way it was.

Back then I never thought that I would change as much as I did. The thought of finding the love of my life, putting away my outrageously strange clothes and
 finally being able to afford my own place while doing a job I really love was more than insane for my 16 year old self. But here I am , wearing long plaid skirts
 rather than leather, ripped off leggings sharing the job that I love with the love of my life. 

To prevent any kind of drama no, my life isn't perfect. There are dozens of times that stress really overcomes me, lots of days I feel I can't keep up with with
 life and most importantly moments I am feeling like giving up is the only choice. There main think that keeps me going is not thinking about the things I could
 have but think off all the things I have accomplished so far. There will always be someone more clever than you, more successful more beautiful but If you truly
 know who you are these things will only be your motivation , not your constant fears.


How to layer for Fall outfit inspiration

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