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Grecian style outfit ideas for summer

Grecian style outfit ideas for summer
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Anonymity always works

The internet is filled with a great number of talented people, bloggers, youtubers, instagramers, influencers everyone of them with their own point of view,
creativity , ups and downs. Exposing their passions online ready to be rated for their work effort. As much as we want internet to be a happy, joyful place in
 which we can share our content without having to face all the jealousy, envy and spite there is always something way over the line that can easily bring us down.
 Online or of line we are all entitled to our opinion, even though the majority of us won't stop in front of a stranger while walking in a busy street just to scream
at their face how ugly or worthless he really is this form of politeness cease to exist in the online community.

Haters can now spread their poison from the comfort of their own homes, hidden behind a “private” profile for tones of different reasons. Before you jump up
 to the conclusion that being the target to such hate is entirely your fault take a step back and analyze the situation. Haters viciously try to hide their own flaws
 and insecurities behind pointless insults, desperate to bring you down to their lever and manipulate you into thinking less about yourself. Truthfully seing young
people (and many times adults) speak in such despicable language is extremely sad there is a far bigger picture behind it.

Grecian style outfit ideas for summer

You are an ugly wh**e!

Seems like it was only yesterday I got my fist hate comment and even though I have been scared of this moment since the beginning the reality was actually a
 lot "funnier" that I thought since this wanderfull  comment started with the phrase "listen to me you white ass bitch", I was laughing so hysterically for about
 5 minutes straight along with my boyfriend and a friend of ours and it was only 20 minutes later we manage to calm ourselfs down and answered that comment.
 Girl, you could have cold be ugly, short, hat but "white as bitch"? I am not even white ! It is so funny that people throw away a few "keywords" and expect 
everyone to be extremely hurt reading them. I know exactly who I am and more importantly what I look like , I never claimed to be a VS model nor will I ever
 be one (I love chocolate way to much ).

Almost always the negativity is towards someone's appearance, proving once again that people see what they want to see. Most of them can't even come to realize
 all the hard work , effort and stress content creators go through every day in order to deliver beautiful, fresh content. Even though everyone can express
 their opinion you can always take a stand and remove those toxic people from your life. Block whoever tries to spread hatred , It is your page you make the rules.
Those people are just seing a glimpse of your everyday life through a photo or a video and you should not tolerate that kind of judgement .
Grecian style outfit ideas for summerGrecian style outfit ideas for summer

The girl on girl hate

My 15 years old self would be so angry if she knew that later on life boys will stop commenting every little think about our appearance only to be replaced 
by judgmental women with low self-esteem and lots of free time to spare behind a screen (there goes feminism and women empowerment ). Jealousy is once
 again thriving leaving no space for politeness. A few days ago I was scrolling through many influencers feeds only to read hundreds of mean comments 
from fellow girls and women roasting them one by one ( I even saw a few comments under Adriana Lima's instagram from girls tagging their best friends
 just to let them now that they have way better bodies than Adriana and they deserve to be "up there" not her). 

Another woman's beauty is not the absence of your own you should always remember than and embrace your individuality, body , mind and lifestyle without
 hating the ones that YOU think that are better than you. No one is better than anyone! Women should empower one another, not tear them apart. Who do you think
 left the most hateful comments under MyPaleSkin's instagram campaign. Men? Think again!
Watch the video here 

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