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An Easy Travel Look

easy travel look  ideas for summer
Outfit Details:

Traveling is a big part of my summer holidays. Whether it is by car or plane there are always a few essentials that I literally can't go without and then there are 
many side things that will definitely make my traveling time a lot easier. I know most of people find comfort in traveling wearing jeans but that does not work 
for me at all since a rarely wear denim .I do prefer to put  on  flowy skirts and summer shorts in order to feel comfortable at any point. 

easy travel look  ideas for summer
Crossbody bags have literally been a lifesaver during my travels since they allow me to walk around casually, without having to deal with the extra inconvenience
 of caring a tote bag or a clutch at one hand but I can freely reach for my wallet ,passport etc.My go to bag is pretty much always this leather, vintage crossbody 
that my mother used to cary with her in the trips and cruises also. Another great choice with just the amount of inside space and pockets you need is this
  MK bag from under 130$ or The Liz Claiborne lola bag for under 50$ !

easy travel look  ideas for summer

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