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14 things you didn't know

Different beach outfit ideas for chic summer looks

Usually my posts are planned one week ahead at least, with a few rare exceptions like summer or winter holidays in which I want nothing more but to keep
 you guys updated on my daily looks, decisions and why not, a few suggestions of my favorite places to visit, like I am currently doing on my last 3 posts. Well,
 today I decided to make things a little different as I found myself not really into going for a swim but excited to visit the beach . If you watched my latest posts
 on snapchat (kmeetsstyle) I am calmly sitting near sea, just enough to deep my toes in it with my laptop and the beach bar's surprisingly fast wifi ,editing
 this post or more correctly, uploading the photos we have literally just took a few minutes ago .Why? Cause sometimes rather than overthinking every little 
details, trying to beautify all the tiny details , it is better to sit back in order to enjoy and share the moment ,naturally ,exactly as it happens.

beach in halkidiki
Today's mood is more than perfect for me to share a few of my favorite summer , beach essentials ( a few products that I currently swear by and a few others
 that I am more than excited to try this season along with some irrelevant informations about me that I do not think I have shared on my blog before. 

14 things you didn't know...
1. My go to beach bag for the last seven days is the Maslinda designs killim bag but I also have my eye on the Roxy beach bag
2. I do enjoy spending lots of time at the beach but I really hate sitting directly under the sun.
3. My favorite morning drink is Cold Espresso while at night I drink nothing  but wine.
4. I prefer wearing bright colored swimsuits (like this one and this one) just because those colors complement my skin tone perfectly.
5. I never leave my hair down when I am at the beach but always use the Rene Furterer Solaire to protect them.
6. I always wear crop tops and offshoulders combined with bikini bottoms.
7. I secretly wish I hadn't caught my hair that short every time I see someone with long, healthy hair.
8. I rather sit at the sand with my Fouta towel way more than sitting at a beach chair.
9. I have never in my life wore flip-flops
10. I never sunbath or use any other tan techniques but my mother swears by the Sun Delicate by Lancaster and I can really see why.
11. I am so mad I haven't bought a flamingo or donut sea float !!
12. Finding a cute DD bikini top that fits my back and from aria is the most challenging summer task ever! (Please do suggest any relevant brands).
13. I always drink water from this bottle and from nowhere else.
14. I eat a small ball of ice cream every day but never manage to snap a photo of it before it starts to melt.

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