The Bandanna Scarf Trend

bandanna scarf outfitbandanna neck scarf ideas

bandanna scarf outfit
metallic toe loafers

I know I may probably sound like I keep repeating my self with the word "obsession" but lately I  constantly find tones of amazing 
designs while exploring a few handpick trends. I do use this word constantly when I want to talk about off shoulder tops but since 
last week bandanna scarfs started to climbing higher and higher on my "obsessions" list. Necklaces have never been my top jewelry
 choice (I'd rather wear some delicate bracelets or a beautiful watch) and that's when bandanna scarfs came to save the day.

how to tie the bandanna scarf
bandanna neck scarf with white shirt

While I was writing the previous lines I realized how many times I found myself wearing Rumba Time's Gramercy Collection watches.
 Even though we teamed up a few months back   those two uniquely beautiful watches turned out to be real essentials of
 mine, as I am constantly wear them every single week especially with casual looks like the suede top- denim shorts combination last
 week or the cropped turtleneck and denim dungarees.
bandanna scarf with shirts
bandanna neck scarf with shirt
RumbaTime watch

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