How To be Confident In Your Own Skin

For me life is always about getting the best out of yourself, finding new, clever ways to fight all the negativity and still be able to follow your dreams no matter how high you set the bar this time. During this painful process of understanding exactly who you are, accepting your flows and clear your surroundings from all the bad energy that some people (or even yourself) are so happy to create you might see yourself lost in the process. Going through the "changing game" can be really overwhelming especially in a time full off outside influences , dos and donts etc. There have been more than enough times  I saw people (along with my self) been completely unaware of who they truly are and of course, of who they (we) want to be.

Embrace yourself

I remember a few days ago we were sitting in a beautiful , quite coffee shop with a group of friends who actually used to be my buddies for a really long time talking
 about long forgotten hilarious incidents and new exciting opportunities . Many of them pointed out that I was somehow different from the rebellious girl I once was,
 that got me thinking once again. Have I really changed that much or I was the same person all along, just to afraid to actually say that out loud all this time?

I stayed up really late that night thinking about it over and over again. All these years I was trying to adapt myself in order to fit in different social groups , desperately
wanting to like me and for what? What all those "fake" social meeting ever gave me? Awkward long silences in crucial subjects I was completely against , meeting in
 trending places and lots of pointless conversations about matters I did not gave a f** about. Living in an environment filled with negativity and with the constant feeling
of something missing can really effect your personality and self esteem , two of the most important things in life.

A few years latter I learnt (the hard way) the real meaning behind that sort of social groups. People were too afraid of being along, unpopular that 90% of the times
 feel the obligation to change their "faulty" self in order to fit in. And a few years after that I truly understand  who my real friends are, the ones that saw the
 "true me" and loved me the way I was (even more that before). Surely we will meet a variety of people during our lives, friends, roommates, bosses, boyfriends
and each one of them probably will need their one way of conversing, a different approach or another side of your personality
depending on the relation but those other sides of you should , most definitely, be the truest! Be the person you always wanted to be.


Social Morality

We live in a global society, highly connected with the person next to us, desperately afraid of isolation or anything similar, and with a good cause. 
People are always working in "packs" , different "packs" and that's how a community, even the whole world is able to function . We are all judged by our behavior, 
decisions , life choices  (the list keeps on going) without taking into consideration the importance of someone's individual personality. Only because something does not
 meet OUR moral standards doesn't mean it is wrong .We are all have the freedom of choice and that freedom can be used in any way we decide
 ( a polite way of saying "It is nobody's business" )

Not a single one of use is saint, we all make mistakes weather they are small or big . Everyone one of us wishes to live free, missteps and bad depressions included .
 There are plenty of things I find wrong or unethical but this is just a personal opinion that should be kept to myself as long as a particular situation does not
 effect me personally. Our sexual orientation , experiments, careless lifestyle, way of dressing , job of choice etc should not be judged by anyone except ourselfs.
 Don't let anyone tell you the different and if they do, discard those toxic people from your life.

Find out what really makes YOU HAPPY

For me happiness is writing those words in a website created completely from scratches , with lots of time, effort , hopes and dreams, only to turn of my laptop later 
today and sit next to my boyfriend, watching probably the next episode of PLL or Game of thrones. Is all about always finding the time to grab a coffee with my best
 friend and spend the weekend with my family. Many of you may not agree with me.You may not need a boyfriend, been into a big fight with your family or hate PLL
 and this is totally fine. Find out what makes YOU happy and make your best effort to have it! Noone will simply come and offer you the world. We all need to take actions.
 In 2015 I had no idea that my little blog , based in Greece will be that popular, or followed by almost 10.000 people in a single platform only but here it is! 
You can make your dream come true as long as you are willing to fight and really try for it!

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