How to get the most out of your quick getaway

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In my previous post I shared with you all the details about the why me and @kleiklis decided to spend a few days isolated in our small and cozy beach house
 by the winter waves. We couldn't help but feel extremely blessed for having pretty much the whole aria for ourself ,making many daily plans involving long walks
 by the water, afternoon bon fires at the beach, picnics and many more outdoor activities. Getting away once in a while can only have a positive impact in your life. 
Personally I find myself enjoying every moment without feeling overwhelmed by all the responsibilities, stress and daily routines of my life in the city. 

How to get the most out of your quick getaway?

1) Spend some quality time with your other half. Since the very beginning @kleiklis and I really enjoying being wrapped in a cozy blanket watching tones of our
 favorite tv series pretty much every night laughing at Dean's on point moments on Supernatural, enjoining every jump-scare at American Horror story and much much
 more. So for this trip we decided to turn off every device (with the exception of one hour per day) and simply "be" in every moment. 

2) Explore the aria while exercising . I am usually not a big fun of "traditional "exercising at the gym (not very fond of the idea of running while you are practically standing
 at the same place facing the wall) so I always try to find many different ideas to do it without feeling restrained at one place. Put on your running shoes and go
 outside to explore every hidden path of the aria running instead of walking. 


3) Bonfires at the beach (or picknics) . Living in Greece is a blast since the temperature is always bearable and thankfully during February most of the daytime is pretty
 warm, allowing us to spend most of the time at the beach while afternoons and nights are much colder. The first day we had lunch by the beach (the perfect
 opportunity to bring up my favorite, vintage picnic basket my parents used to carry with them in their picnics) . As soon as the sun (and temperature)
 goes down a bonfire can be the most romantic thing.

4) Make a scrapbook. I am a huge lover of scrapbooks meaning I never loose a chance to start a new one and organize them into a little pink box with gold dots
 (my favorite!). Most of the photos are taken by my phone or our Nikon camera but I have been dreaming of having a Polaroid for quite some time. We had so much time
shooting fshion.me 's catalog  these days along with many "bloopers" which will go straight into our "summer scrapbook" in order to remember those moments
 for years to come. I lately found a great tutorial of how to make  a beautiful scrapbook on Martha Steward's page.

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