Are We All Coping Each Other?

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Over the last 2 days I spend more than a few hours in this place, facing the clear, beautiful scenery that was unraveling in front of my eyes. Due to the amazingly 
warm weather we were able to enjoy several coffee meetings under the bright sun only to have a quick taste of the early spring that is about to come. While you spend  
a long time in such a busy aria like this one you can't help but look around you, trying to absorb every little thing like there is no tomorrow. (Oh! those amazing 
warm days near the sea!). We were all more than happy to put aside our heavy coats and dress ourselfs in lighter, spring clothes (finally!) . So here  we are,
 happily walking among people trying to find the best spot to have our coffee break and then It hit me! The majority of the people around me were wearing 
pretty much the exact same outfits. No , I don't mean a pair of denim pants and a t-shirt, I mean the exact same outfits +shoes . 90% of the times this outfit would be 
consisted of a leather jacket, leather pair of leggings and the exact same pair of black wedged boots, from day to night , from party looks to casual walks by the sea.

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That realization really got me thinking. There is a big difference in wanting to have the same pair of ankle boots with your best friend and a completely another thing to
 copy piece by piece someone elses's look. Where is the versatility? Where is your personal sense of style?! Yep, it's gone, lost in the "that's trending right now , let's all
 wear it" bucket. We are all so obsessed with what's trending that we tend to forget what really flatters our bodies, what doesn't , what makes us feel comfortable ,
 what is our personal style .While coping each other can save  us lots of time and effort it is actually by far the saddest thing to do. Snap out of it! There are tones of
 beautiful and clever combinations, so many colors and shades, so many different styles to try. There are so many great stylists, famous and not so famous bloggers to 
get your inspiration from. Look how beautiful Leonie combined her casual pastel look or how chic Adriana looks in her casual-camel pair of pants.

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As I see it someone who is afraid of showing her/his own personal style or just blindly follows every trend can not take risks and chances her/his life in general.
 Taking risks, conquering things is exactly what life is all about. In a room full of black, tight leggings be the one with the statement dress, carry the bag you like! 
Not something that you are forced to like just because everyone else does.


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