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Lately I find myself drowning into the hustle and bustle of the city. Don't get me wrong, I would never change my "city girl" lifestyle since this is the way I have been living pretty much my whole life (and loving it) but from times to times all that constant noise can be really overwhelming especially during winter .  There have been almost 5 years since the last time I visited our beach house at this time of the year. The truth is I instantly regretted  that mistake the moment I stepped out of the car. All this piece and quite was exactly what I was needed the most, so I took the chance to spend a few days away from our busy lives and enjoy our beautiful sanctuary.

The temperature was almost 18°C  (64.4°F) so I couldn't miss my only chance to spend almost all morning at the beach. What made the trip even more exciting? I was more than happy to be booked by Fshion.me in order to shoot a series of catalogs for a variety of clothing brands for Summer2016. ( How cute is this white, crochet bikini top!! Moments like this I can't help but feel thankful for everyone who believed in my since I fist started kmeetsstyle . I am really happy to read your comments, tweets and emails daily. For me blogging is a way to interact with as many people from all around the world, discovering and sharing tones of favorite styles and inspiring combinations and talking  about some personal subjects that lots of you guys can relate to.

k-meets-style how to style crochet tops k-meets-style harem pants -crochet tops

k-meets-style blogger catalog photoshoot for summer 2016k-meets-style how to wear harem / yoga pants

Wearing: Crochet top (not available yet) / Upcycled Styles harem pants

Life have always been about every little moment, and one thing is for sure, sunsets do make me really happy. Recently  my instagram page carries a sufficient amount of beautiful, pinkish sceneries that I can't just ignore. My peacock printed pair of harem pants ( had them since September ) from Upcycled styles perfectly matched the colors around me and helped me style that uniquely beautiful crochet top. Yes the same Upcycled Styles that produced those gorgeous Hmong textile bags in many of my previous posts like this one.

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