From Fake Bags to Fake Followers

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Shein coat River Island thigh boots leather envelope bag As everyone predicted the weather gets colder and colder by the day and during the last two weeks we were able to start shooting a series of new 
projects for you guys. I can't help but steal a few minutes from work to browse through my social media accounts, call me crazy but this is the perfect 
way to relax and clear my head during breaks.

Browsing through tones of different instagram / twitter(..) accounts is definitely something we are all doing almost in a daily bases. But have you every gave a though
 ( A real thought) about the impact that social media have over our lives? If you are a part of the blogging world you will most luckily recognize these phrases:  "
There is no chance that her followers are real",  "Is that a Luis Vuitton bag? It must definitely be fake or her family is extremely loaded" , "She is clearly not the
 right person for this brand, why they even recruited her?

All these feelings (let's politely call them jealousy) are one of the main reasons that  more and more "fashion/beauty gurus"are purchasing their fake "squad"
 aka. fake social media followers. I have been following many well known influencers and can't look over the fact that during the last years every one of them
 stated a sad but extremely truthful sentence "Blogging stopped being a healthy competition a long time ago" . I couldn't agree more. Nowadays being a 
blogger is about sponsorships, numbers, fashion weeks, High end designs and c/os (gifted items). The majority of us prefer to stay silent and smile. Is that the best
 way to go? I have always been thinking of blogging as a way to express myself and everything that makes me happy, sad or frustrated and  because of that 
I truly appreciate every blogger that has her own voice and doesn't miss the chance to share her opinions with her followers.
 (The greatest example, Fashion Fraction's hear to heart talks )

And what's my personal opinion? Being a jealous copy cat will definitely give you that 10mins of fame but being true to yourself,
 mind your own business and have fun while doing the things you love will definitely be much more rewarding in the years to come.

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