Shein coat River Island thigh boots leather envelope bag From magazine covers to everyday moments at the dressing rooms we all envied "that girl" and her perfect body proportions. That beautiful dress 
was looking 10 times more flattering rubbed against her flat stomach ,showing off her mile long legs. Been there, done that! You can probably hear 10 
complements a day about how your eyes look so amazing, how perfect you look in these tight jeans etc but no! There is always "that girl", her eyes are 
clear blue and tights were literally made for her. Then all the complements in the world will not make you feel beautiful, sometimes they will even make
 you feel like you have been lying to!

After Nicole Arbour broke the internet with her despicable fat shaming video in the name of comedy (of course, we are all comedians) I felt the need to address
 this problem once again. There are more than enough times I found myself looking at the mirror so frustrated about my reflection. My legs are not as long as I want 
them to be and my full bust never let me wear all those amazing bikini tops and corsets I have always dying to wear, I should always wear high heels cause
 I want to look thinner and taller.

During the last 7 years I have met a girl who starved herself because she wanted to be a successful ballerina , I met another girl who started smoking so she
 could stop eating as much as she used to and then I met a heavy girl with the biggest self confidence I have ever seen in my life. She never talked about her 
weight, she was eating whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. She was never bothered about being in a room full of skinny ladies, dressed at
 their finest. She found herself a great looking man who loved her unconditionally. And that was the last day I cared about my weight and body image. 

My legs are still short, but when I want to wear baggy jeans  I will, when I want to wear an amazing bikini top I won't think about it twice and
when it comes to flats, hell yea I will. After many years of thinking about all of my flows over and over again, I am finally able to enjoy every moment.
 What's my personal opinion? No matter if you hear 1000 complements a day, no matter how many men are chasing you or how many girls envy you 
If you don't find your role model, you won't be truly free of the "body issues" sickness .Find that girl or guy who is truly happy with his/her self, 
flows and everything and let them drag you with them.

Remember! Not everyone was born to be a model, an actress, an athlete, a dancer. But everyone of us can be someone's role model! Outside beauty has no point
 if there is nothing worthy on the inside. (Now go it a waffle, waffles are little miracles covered in bananas and chocolate, order those skinny jeans, If someone 
is bothered by that image, they can look the other way)

As this is a delicate subject for most of us I would be happy to hear your opinion!