HAPPY 2016 - What Happened So Far

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Last night I was editing today's outfit post thinking about all the beautiful experiences me and @kleiklis had 
over the last year.  2015 was by far one of the most exciting yet challenging years, filled
with new opportunities and  ideas. I decided to postpone my new outfit inspiration post
 so I can write a quick recap ,pointing out the most significant moments so far.

2015 has been a pretty intense year filled with stressful moments , early morning meetings, a few hours and a few hours of sleep. 
 I pushed myself enough to understand my limits both physically and psychologically.
 During that eventful year there were lots of new acquaintances with prestigious brands and 
talented fashion influences from all around the world.
Writing these lines I really feel like I should give even greater credit to my wonderful photographer @KleiKlis
 who constantly outdoes himself and gives its best to capture every detail and life moment the best way possible.

I am so overwhelm by the quick and steady growth of kmeetsstyle.com since 2014. 
 I would also like to take a moment to thank all of you guys for your love and support on all my social media pages, especially instagram
I am more than happy to read all your comments in daily bases, feels like my little, fashion-obsessed army 
following me around while experiences new things together.

Winter 2015: Same day last year I was surrounded by my beloved family around the dinner table
 talking and laughing over the smallest things. Those great family meetings are something 
I will hold forever in my heart. As soon as 2015 started I was ready to face the world
 filled with confidence and that feeling is something I will never forget.

Yay!My first Daniel Wellington watch arrived at my door and along with it a series of great collaborations
with well known luxury brands as Haute Rogue, BlyDesign etc. I later discovered how much I love 
ethnic textiles and everything that has to do with a country's tradition. Upcycled Styles
 made me understand the importance of fair trade and giving back a little something to those in need and helped me
create many unique looks like the "Tailored playsuit and ethnic textiles".

Traveling made a great impact at my life. I found my sectuary in a quite place near the sea in which 
I spent most of my summer days  lying by the beach. Around that time I first published the "tropical summer" 
series introducing many new (bohemian-ethnic) designers such as  Chesley Mae, Natasha Lomas which 
you guys totally loved. Last but not least I got to experience the Native American tradition 
while shooting with Novum Crafts .

Autumn passed so quickly. Our new photography equipment arrived and we were ready to take 
kmeetsstyle.com to a whole new level. Our first cozy Autumn looks involved the basic lapel coat every 
woman needs, my favorite pair of thigh boots , a great way to style your leather overalls and of course my 
dearest pair of winter culottes . 

And here we are, 2015 is almost over and I am editing and re editing this post, with tones of great memories
 filling up my head as I am siting in our chalet's balcony with a cup of hot cocoa.

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Sequins completely took over my NewYeasEve outfit. I wanted to try this particular trend for a while and what's a better time to "sparkle" than this. 
H & M never stops to amaze me with all those pretty ,feminine designs and this year was no different.

Having to work with statement dressed like this one I definitely needed a few beautiful pieces of jewelry to accessories my look.
 If you entered my September giveaway you definitely remember those gorgeous, drusy stone earrings from AmyFineDesign latest collection.

k-meets-style Custom 24k Gold plated necklace by Onecklace
designer necklace for ladiesluxury earrings online

On my previous blog post "Holiday Sparkle" I talked about my two years anniversary and a beautiful, one of a kind,
24k Gold Plated Roman Numeral Engraved Bar Necklace gifted to us by Onecklace, a constant reminder of all the amazing times we spend together.

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