About The Illusion Of Sponsored Posts & Keyboard Warriors

Shein coat River Island thigh boots leather envelope bag During the last 3-4 years I have been following more than enough fashion and beauty influences from all around the world ( who hasn't?) and every now and them
 I see a few bitter comments under many posts, videos or insta-snaps (including my own) from many "angry" readers accusing each and every one of them of
 the worst felony of all (eye rolling ), the acceptance of sponsored posts.

Before you rush over to their comments section like another keyboard warrior , writing phrases as "You should be ashamed of yourself, I liked you more
 when you weren't choosing brands and sponsorships over your readers"  blah blah blah and them burn them at the stake like modern Salem witches take a
 moment to consider the facts. (scroll down ..)

Let's say you are obsessed with Annabelle Fleur aka vivaluxury's style (I know I am ) and you wish her to continue shooting and sharing her everyday looks 3
 times a week  so you can a)be inspired and b)buy that pretty little dress she wore at her latest post. Correct me if I am wrong but 3 outfits per week , equals
 let's say, 5 pieces in every shoot, 5 pieces x 3 times = 15. Let's all wish every style bloggers out there has a budget of 500$ to spend every week so she doesn't
 have to put up with the "sell out" accusations. Reality check! 95% off bloggers&youtubers out there does not have that kind of money  and that's 
where brands come in to rescue the day!

 For the sake of argument let's name the brand X. X's pr manager contacts the influencer in order to discuss a potential partnership. What does that mean? 
More likely a gift card ,maybe around 200-300$ and a styling fee for the blogger's promotional services. The influencer orders a few of her favorite
 pieces from X's brand according to HER OWN sense of style and combines them to create the look they so careless rushed to call "sell out". Giving 
someone money and gift cards doesn't mean the outfit or makeup tutorial isn't their own, personal inspiration, It means that in order for your favorite 
blogger or youtuber to keep making those pretty photoshoots we all love she needs to be sponsored .(Scroll down..)

Don't get me wrong, I am clearly not talking about accepting to advertise vanilla candles when your page is all about affordable, casual fashion  but for those
 who actually managed to make a living from something they love doing. Talking from my own experience there are more than a few time I picked 
something out of my ordinary way of dressing like the cropped culotte published on my " Grid print jacket and leather details " post . Was that a sponsored
 posts? yes. Did the brand forced my to choose and love that piece? NO. Don't be bumped every time your favorite influencer tries something a little bit different
. After all we are all constantly changing (and involving).

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