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December is finally here! Have a great month everybody! Christmas spirit overcomed us once again making  impossible to look the other way when every shop is already filled with tones of pretty, Christmas decorations to choose from. Holiday shopping (along with listening to  all time classic songs) was always one of my favorite activities.

christmas outfit decoration ideas gift wrappinggift wrapping ideas christmas printable tags 2015

I have to admit that I am the proud owner of many traditional style carousels, they are always able to add a stylish yet playful touch to our living room, so why not to use them as  decor under the Christmas tree? A few days ago while I was walking in front of a local seasonal shop this paper house instantly caught my eye. It became the perfect hiding place our Christmas cookies!

Lately my coffee mugs are more well dressed than I am most of the time hahah. I found this new "cozy cup" trend really interesting especially while browsing through Etsy's Christmas corner . Most of the designs I loved were under 10$ as this Owl knit coffee warmer  or this pink beauty.

christmas daniel wellington watchgift wrapping ideas printable tags 2015
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Now for my favorite part of Christmas, gift wrapping!! I was absolutely in love with my latest collaboration with TheRockBox and Daniel Wellington so I decided to order a few extra goodies for my family. Even though they both offer gorgeous gift wraps for the holidays I definitely wanted to make my own miracles. Plain, brown wrapping paper is always my first choice, and along with a few extra stylish gift tags I "stole" from  and those presents look more pretty than ever!

Christmas outfit decoration ides gift wrapping

Last but not least, candles! Even though candles are perfect for every season there is some magical connection between them and Christmas nights. Personally lighting a few candles while watching tv, wrapped in my favorite Royal Velvet blanket is something I really adore during those cold days.

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