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Here's How You Can Have Non-Surgical Facelift Without A Derm Appointment

Focused Ultrasound Devices

There are some beauty formulas that wow you with overnight results and others that may take a bit more time to show some much-needed results. One thing is certain, if you commit to it, you will be able to rip the benefits in the long run. Sure, there is a slew of skincare gadgets that promise to unclog your pores, fade acne scars and give that glowy look we all adore so much. But when it comes down to anti-aging at-home treatments, let's just say that our choices are pretty limited.

If you are looking to take your weekly anti-aging skincare routine to the next level, incorporating high-performing anti-wrinkle treatments is a must. The latter includes vitamin C, Retinoids, and a stellar professional anti-aging skincare device that won't force you to book yet another appointment with your dermatologist. The ULTRAISER Focused Ultrasound Devices have a cult following for a damn good reason. They help tight saggy neck skin, lift and sculpt the face, and with commitment, show some otherworldly amazing results. The product/technology was developed in Cambridge UK after intense research. 

The ultimate non-surgical facelift offers a plethora of clinically proven benefits including gaining improved elasticity and contouring while smoothing your skin. ULTRAISER has been ergonomically designed for easy grip and control so that anyone can get the benefit of HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) without the need for clinical sessions. This new cosmetic treatment for skin tightening is non-invasive and completely painless, offering a boost in your collagen, which results in firmer skin.
Portable at-home face-lifting and anti ageing treatment

ULTRAISER Portable device is now available as part of their mission to make Focused Ultrasound Devices accessible to everyone who can benefit from it. These premium skincare devices from the UK allow for overall rejuvenation, fat reduction, lifting, and wrinkle removal in facial skin. Adding an anti-aging at-home device to your current skincare lineup is one of the best things you can do to ensure the highest level of treatment around eyes, wrinkles, and curved areas of the face.

I Watched Dozens Of Innovative Weaves Reviews But This Thin Part Wig Review Will Have You Obsessed

Thin Part Wig review

I’ve decided to start wearing wigs again. But this time I didn’t want to do the fake scalp type of wig that has lace in the parting area. It always looks good in pictures online but in my real life, it just wasn’t fooling anyone. I was considering a U Part Wig which would allow me to wear a section of my own hair out in the top crown area. While researching u part wigs, I came across this new wig called the Thin Part Wig. The videos I found on YouTube have me convinced this might be a good fit for me. 

If you’re not familiar with u part wigs, there is a weft also known as a track, at the top of the wig. To cover this weft you need a section of your hair to hide it. The problem is that sometimes it can be hard to blend your leave-out with whatever texture or color you have decided to wear. Blending a leave-out is not always easy. This is why a lot of people started wearing full wigs with no leave out. But now that people are starting to realize that the lace does not actually look realistic in person without the filters you can use on IG to hide the lace holes, many are starting to turn back to u part wigs or look for better options.

This is is how I ended up coming across the Thin-Part Wig. The top of the opening of the wig mimics real hair roots instead of a hair weft. The website says a thin part wig can be worn with no leave out while wearing your own real scalp or it can be worn with a thin leave out (90% less than u part wig). From the videos I’ve watched on YouTube, it appears that curly textures like kinky curly hair can be worn with no leave out, while straighter textures can have a thin leave out. I’m thinking this is what I will go with. With the hair being 100 virgin human hair, I can dye it to get the perfect color match and the hair will last longer than synthetic hair or Remy hair. Here is a video I found that has the length that I want. I love the wedding guest style she did.

Here is a video testimonial. I like her 16 inch too so I’m still undecided on the length.

Handmade Italian Leather Bags To Add A Luxurious Touch To Your Summer Outfits


handmade Italian leather bags

Let's face it: itsy-bitsy bags are cute and all, but nothing beats the comfort and practicality of carrying a normal-sized bag that actually fits all your necessities. Sure, I have my fair share of tiny bags for some rare night city strolls, but when it comes to the best everyday bags for women, I always pick classic tote bags with durable leather— bonus point if they are actually handmade.

With the arrival of summer, I’m going to need to make some major room in my closet for all the new leather goodies brands are releasing. At the top of my list, though, are Flashy Bags’ spring/summer tote bags. You see, I’ve always been a sucker for bags, partially because I need enough space to carry around an awful amount of items— like my precious charger, iPad, camera, keys, glasses, and headphones. You name it. I have it!

As you can imagine my go-to bags must come bearing a few certain characteristics, with sturdiness and versatility being the most important. While this might sound like a no-brainer, finding a tote bag that perfectly meets all the aforementioned requirements can be quite tricky. I opt for premium leather handbags that are equal parts cute and relatively budget-friendly and Flashy Bags’ tick all my boxes.

Just because I have an unhealthy obsession with classic tote bags, that doesn't mean that you won't be able to find a slew of other premium leather handbag options on Flash Bags' virtual selves. Rest assured that they are sturdy, chic, go with pretty much anything you might wear, and comes at a budget-friendly price point of around $250.

You already know that I am utterly obsessed with finding fashion and accessory gems from family-owned and operated companies that pay much attention to details while offering individually handcrafted handbags. I know I have been flaunting around my handmade, premium leather bags on Instagram way too much. Yes, Flash Bags falls under this exact category. Offering artisan Italian crafted bags with minimal luxury sprinkled on top are the perfect option for those who have an affinity for cute, high-quality bags that won't drain their savings account.

 Of course, you’re always welcome to snag all of your favorites and switch them out based on your outfit. I wouldn’t blame you!

The Trendy Website Every Fashion-Savvy Deal Hunter Should Know About

best streetswear trends of 2021

At this point, everyone who knows me can attest to the fact that my self-care routine is mainly consisted of looking at virtual shopping selves to find the best trendy clothing stores that offer splurge-worthy items at a budget-friendly price. My life-long love affair with clothes that are equal parts cute and comfortable has led me to build a capsule wardrobe filled with seasonal staples that effortlessly go with everything and I mean everything.

While most of us have been hunting for the best 2021 fashion trends online, you may or may not be aware of the abundance of online stores, which offer the same stellar pieces you’d find in the Instagram feeds of your favorite influencers, except you can shop them from a website that carefully curates every collection to offer the best styles without breaking our banks. 
best 2021 fashion trends to shop online has a very convenient ability to keep items and stock and restock when items begin selling out or when new trends arise. This LA-based clothing brand is filled to the brim with 2021's top color trends for women and men, while also offering some of my absolute favorite activewear options for the days that I want to make everyone think that I actually work out.

So, if you are like me then you probably can't wait to score some major deals on fashion, jewelry, and activewear without draining your savings account in the process. And, in case you are looking for the best plus size clothes online, feel free to stalk their "Curves" catalog. Need yet another excuse to cop your warm-weather must-haves from Their shipping time is 5-7 business days. Maybe it's time to come virtual shopping with me if you are ready to grab some on-trend pieces for ladies who love to dress up or prefer casual, comfy sets for their daily strolls in the city - that's me.

The chances of not being able to find exactly what you are looking for are slim to none, but in case you are incredibly extra picky, rest assured that their collections get updated every week.

Cute Anniversary Jewelry For Her That We Know She Will Love

Cute Anniversary Jewelry For Her

Everyone knows that diamonds are indeed a girl's best friend, but sometimes we may need something equally luxurious but more economical. Whether you are looking for the perfect anniversary gift jewelry for her or something special for him, there is a plethora of luxury and budget-friendly options online that will certainly leave their mark on your special day.

Before you spend hours searching for the best anniversary gifts online, take a look at our curated list of Anniversary Jewelry by Nano Jewelry. A collection filled with splurge-worthy necklaces that are equal parts unique and otherworldly beautiful. These subtle but classic necklaces are just as shiny as diamondswhich are also included in the list below. They’re typically made out of sterling silver or have silver gold plating, but there is always the option of grabbing a 14k White Gold Diamonds Necklace with Swarovski crystal.

Cute Anniversary Jewelry Gifts For Her

We rounded up the best anniversary necklaces for you. One of our picks will allow you to play with three different types of stones, like Topaz, Amethyst, or the classic clear crystal, while others convey the message of love in Elvishand if you are a loyal reader, you already know that I have enough Elvish tattoos to be considered a true Lord of the Rings fan. It's a yes from me! In case you are looking for a discreet, yet unique anniversary necklace gift for her, there is always the I Love You" In 12 Languages, which screams elegance.
Choosing a piece of anniversary jewelry for your wife, girlfriend or boyfriend is extremely personal. Trends might come and go, but timeless styles that are authentically you will symbolize your commitment of forever. Rest assured that you will be able to find something for every taste in Nano Jewelry's virtual catalog. I have been eyeing a black, heart-shaped necklace that features a 24 karat pure gold inscription for quite some time now. Who knows? Maybe this is the perfect time for some much-needed self-gifting.

The New Body Positive Fitness Brand You Need To Keep An Eye On In 2021

Body inclusive fitness brand men women

Many of us have actually done it, and there is no reason to hide it. Most have stared at the mirror with the sole intention of picking apart each one of our "flaws", only to get some "much-needed motivation" to stick to the ridiculously high-pressure goal we planned in our heads during an extended period of self-hatred. Because let me tell you, self-image issues can be deeply rooted in all of us, no matter our gender or weight. The journey of weight is a dark and dangerous path to take, especially at a young age. Whether you have been battling with an eating disorder, or have witnessed a loved one suffering in silence, you already know how damaging and difficult it is to live with an unhealthy self-hatred that stems from the desire to look a certain way.

Even though there are many different factors that may have contributed, most can agree that the falsely portrayed "ideal body" on the media has played an important role in their perception of beauty. Yes, what we see online and in ads is often far from real, but comparing ourselves to it may sometimes be inevitable. Healthy looks different on everyone and luckily the last few years, thanks to the rise of the body positivity movement, we get to see real people embracing their individuality while working towards improving the fashion and beauty industry as a whole.

Body inclusivity in fashion comes like a breath of fresh air, signifying a much-needed change we certainly want to see more of. Sure, the best body positivity quotes can lit up our mood and boost our self-esteem for a bit, but real change comes from actions. That's why as soon as we come across a body positivity brand that actively tries to embrace a beauty standard outside of what was created in our culture, we have to share it with the world.

Body positive fitness brand
Use promo code "SHOP20" to get 20%OFF the entire collection.

Today's shopping recommendations come straight from the virtual selves of Roy Belzer Fitness, a body-inclusive activewear brand that aims to spread the message of self-love via eye-catching quotes and otherworldly cute color combinations. Fueled by his passion to motivate us to work out and stay healthy while embracing our unique beauty, Roy Belzer launched his new body positivity athletic brand during a time when body-inclusive activewear is a particularly small market.

The "Do it for the crop top" quote started as his own way of fighting an eating disorder and since then it has become a part of his brand. As an ally of both the body inclusivity movement and the LQBTQ+ community, his collection is filled to the brim with inspiring apparel designs that cater to minimalists and statement-makers alike.

Seriously, you will be able to find everything! Graphic tees with our favorite quote on them, tank tops to work out with comfort, Pride hoodies that I am tempted to wear as oversized dresses with my favorite Sk8-his, leggings, stickers, tote bags, phone cases, and face masks-cause we need to be safe and cute peeps. Most styles come in all sizes from S up to 5XL and are made solely from 100% cotton. No matter where you are, you will be able to get your hands on some of his amazing body positivity clothing, if you take advantage of the worldwide shipping option.
Body inclusive athletic fashion brand
Shop Roy Belzer Fitness

So, go on! Cop your favorite athleticwear styles and rest assured that you are supporting a body positivity brand that actually gets us!


Finally A Ladies Tank Top Shapewear That Actually Gets Us

best Ladies Tank Top Shapewear

Unlike their nearly torturous predecessors, modern shapewear for women have nothing in common with the traditional shaping underwear that was born in a specific era, fueled by the "ideal" vision society had for women at that time. You see, 2021 especially is a year of change, women don't actually need a piece of garment to make them feel more beautiful or desirable, on the contrary ladies shapewear has now turned into a power move for all of us who feel absolutely stunning, but still need to slip into our most coveted dresses-without having to go on a diet damn it!

According to the most recent study, the Shapewear Market size is expected to reach $6.4 billion by 2024, so it's safe to say that there is indeed a billion-dollar industry out there. One you probably didn't know about. However, not all shapewear were created equally. Some offer some much-needed support on the lower regions, while others aim to compliment the stomach and bust areas, but the issue in most cases still remains the same. Unflattering seams and strangely fitted patterns often do more harm than good to our image. Don't fret! Brands like Roku Gears have entered the game, with the sole purpose of revamping the outdated shapewear scene, with fresh, new additions that actually complement our silhouette without giving away our little secret.

affordable  Ladies Tank Top Shapewear online

The best shapewear for women is not a quick "fix" anymore gals. It's more about doing exactly what makes you feel comfortable and good-and we are here for it. With physical comfort in minded,,, launched a new line of shapewear that involves the highly-coveted Ladies Tank Top Shapewear, the ultimate way to show off our inherent beauty while flaunting our ultimate body confidence around.

So if you too can't wait to get that extra boost of confidence, then we suggest grabbing your favorite shaping tank top right out of Roku Gears virtual serves ASAP. What this curve-hugging collection includes? Only the best slimming shapewear for ladies that promises not to break your bank in the effort of stocking up on all the breathable, skin-friendly, and utterly soft shapewear you can get your hands on.

Shapewear devotees already know the importance of having a wide strap, seamless design ready for grabs. The Roku Gears Ladies Tank Top Shapewear will be your go-to way of looking smooth under any garment while also getting the perks of the flared comfort band that hugs your hips to control your love handles. Whether you are determined to rock your favorite low-cut top, a fitted dress, or sweater, rest assured that there won't be any ridiculously unpleasant feelings and squeezing.


The Most Comfortable Flip Flop Sandals For Women You Can Score On Amazon

Best woman flat sandals flip flops on Amazon

Some minor edits in these paragraphs We are practically at the heart of spring, which marks the time of the year when shopping for the best Amazon women's sandals for 2021 is both a necessary and fun shopping activity. The uncomfortable sandal trends that were veritably coveted among fashion’s top-tier influencers are now stepping back, giving the old-time classic flip flop sandal time to shine. Me raving about the my undeniable excitement for the open-toed shoe season aside, summer flip flop sandals are not only extremely comfortable to wear pretty much daily but also practical for your warm-weather vacay planning.

Arguably flip flops have a bad rep for been crafted exclusively from low-quality plastic and foam, only to be worn by first-time tourists that spend an alarming amount of time at the beach. Whether you were heading for the ocean, the pool, or any beach-side destination, flip-flop sandals for women and men were considered to be a no-no for all other lifestyle moments—except laying in close proximity to a body of water. BUT, things have changed peeps! Cute summer flip flops are now a thing—and I am here for it.

Personally, I wear my flip flops everywhere, but whether you are a skeptic or a die-hard fan, one thing is certain. The perks that the most comfortable flip flop sandals from Surfsyde have to offer are simply too good to pass up any longer. Available on and on
Flip Flop Sandals For Women on Amazon
You see, unlike their un-comfy predecessors, Surfsyde flip flops for women and men are crafted with functionality and comfort in mind. Their styles introduce a patent pending rolled inner strap and proprietary rubber blend to reduce friction on the skinwhich is something I can 100% appreciate since most of my lace-up sandals seem to be in constant war with my sensitive skin. Nothing compares to the ultimate convenience of having a sturdy flip flop sandal design ready for grabs and that's why Surfsyde added a textured surface for increased traction. However, nothing can ruin your salt-water adventures easier than a ridiculously uncomfortable sole that's certainly wasn't made for walking. Well, the best Amazon flip flop sandals come with a 15mm sole for ultimate comfort.

Comfortable Flip Flop Sandals For Women Amazon

Flip-flops are officially experiencing a makeover, and even though the Surfsyde is typically a great option for all your next beach or pool adventures, they can easily be worn around the house too. They are easy to clean and keep germs down so you can wear them all hours of the dayand during your showers. As I previously mentioned I have been wearing flip-flops during my casual, daily strolls in the city too and nothing can stop you from doing the same. Let your feet breathe in comfort people!

If you are based in the US, then I suggest copping a pair right now! Otherwise, you can take advantage of the best websites that ship to your country with reduced international shipping rates from Amazon, so you can shop from US-only brands even if you are in Europe—just like I did in my most recent Instagram stories.

We Are Streaming The Art Film: “TRANSMISSION” And So Should You


You’ve exhausted every recommendation of the best art films to watch while you're at home, but we can guarantee that this one will catch you by surprise. You know exactly what I am talking about. The hidden gems that usually come from independent directors who somehow manage to depict life's most important issues in a uniquely creative way.

You see, before the events of 2020 I used to frequent all art film festivals in my area, so excuse me for being a bit too excited about the digital screening of the Art Film: “TRANSMISSION”.

What is “TRANSMISSION” and why you should mark the 17th of April?


The pandemic has forced many of us to change our everyday lives completely, but due to the collective efforts of a number of creatives, we now have the chance to see many talented people performing live from the comfort of our own homes.

“TRANSMISSION” is Badara Ndiaye's passion project. The film aims to show how society, culture, religion, family, friends, institutions, and other social aspects contribute to our formatting and shaping evolution as human beings, from birth until the end of our days. In this project, our lives that wait to happen are portrait as a blank canvas, accompanied by the use of watercolors to represent our experiences and knowledge. A perfect representation of how we, humans, are really a product of our environment and experiences.

It's safe to say that TRANSMISSION” has to offer a unique, artistic, and reflective approach to the evolution of the human being in society- an approach we can't wait to see for ourselves. In case you need yet another excuse, all artists will be dressed by designers from all over the world.

What more can you expect from this stream?

The Art film screening will be followed by many exciting live performances that you surely wouldn't want to miss.

  •  A reading of a poem by New York Times and Wall Street Journal published writer: Suzanne McFayden: (USA / JAMAICA)
  • A contemporary dance piece choreographed by Lior Tavori: (TEL AVIV, ISRAEL) and his Dancers: Ori Moshe Ofri, Amit Marsino, Reches Itzhaki, Tamar Levi
  • A live Concert of Singers / Songwriters:

TRANSMISSION” manages to connect talented individuals from all around the word-so you better be there to watch the magic happen.

Where & whencan you watch the digital screening of TRANSMISSION”

The Art film screening will be held on April 17th 2021 at 2pm Paris time (convert the Time Zone).
You can watch the steam on TBD & ZOOM using the following access codes:

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 799 9936 4263
Passcode: yuGt1e

Hope to see you there!

The Coolest Streetwear Finds to Get Out Of Your Slumber Uniform ASAP

If you’re like me, then you are probably trying to re-adjust yourself to wearing actual clothing that doesn't look or feel like your go-to loungewear. Even though our lives are far from normal, we slowly but surely try to get back to our previous everyday routine, and that includes some much-needed warm weather shopping just in time for summer.

For that reason I have spent the first days of April on the lookout for what’s trending in the streetwear world—news flash, nothing has really changed. What's the best thing about get-back-to-normal buys? We will finally be able to allow all the best unisex t-shirts to creep their way back onto shelves— having a separate wardrobe for loungewear and actual, everyday clothing is a welcome blast from the past.

You know me, always willing to experiment with the boldest designs I can get my hands on— if there is enough color or an otherworldly statement pattern, I need it! It’s fun to change it up after living in sweats for the past year peeps. So my mission to find the coolest streetwear from independent brands and creatives led me to the virtual selves of Goat Status Merch which, as you can imagine, is exactly what the name suggests.

Shop Goat Status Merch

Independent designers are known for having a fresh take on streetwear that suits both minimalists and maximalists alike without letting go of their unique, creative touch. Rest assured that the Goat Status Merch virtual selves are jam-packed with many refreshingly unique designs in a vast array of colors—cause we love making a statement here.

I am all about Goat Status Merch's aesthetic and honestly, there is a plethora of different styles to choose from. Obviously, I would take all the unisex blouses, t-shirts, and hoodies I could get my hands on, but you can feel free to stalk their women's section as well. Quick note it's filled with dresses and cute shorts.

You can also cop some great tees to show support to all Asians who undoubtedly face hate and racism due to the current situation. Even though all acts of violence or discrimination are condemned, wearing your beliefs with pride will only benefit you and those affected around you.
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