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The Best Hussle-Free Wigs & Bundles To Score Right Now

Ever since I first started wearing wigs a couple of years back, I've believed that unlike my usual online shopping for all things fashion, finding high-quality hair is a different kind of battle. You see, besides spending endless amounts of time scrolling through dozens of sites to discover the most natural-looking human hair wigs tailored to meet my needs, I've always been on a mission to find some shiny, silky smooth bundles - minus the hefty price tag.

I get it! Looking at a product is not the same as actually feeling it. You can't magically understand the real texture, that's why finding sites that are willing to give a helping hand when it comes down to choosing the right wig for you is extremely important. So, luckily for you (and not so much for my bank account) my trials and errors have made me somewhat of a wig connoisseur, and spotting the best human hair wigs & bundles is kind of my specialty.

From 100% Remy Brazilian Human Hair Lace Front Wigs to body wave bundles, here is a round-up of some amazing wigs to try this season-and they are all $150.

Shop Human Hair Wigs

If you know me, you know that I can't resist copping the best straight textured hair, and Poc Hair has a slew of splurge-worthy options I simply cannot pass. All of their units come with 100% Virgin Human Hair, but you can feel free to choose the length, color, and type according to your preference and budget. There is also a stellar buy one + get one 25% off deal!
Shop Hair Bundles

Don't let my obsession with straight hair wigs fool you, Poc Hair offers a plethora of deep wave, water wave, and body wave (amongst other options). Think soft and tangle-free without any shedding, breathable & durable lace material so you can feel comfortable and proud over your new lovely hair.

Poc Hair also offers some must-have styling tools to make your week look absolutely flawless. Regardless of your personal preferences, you will certainly be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Is it a machine wig, an ombre wig, a headband wig, a bob wig, or maybe some loose wave or deep wave bundles? They've got you covered.

Splurge-Worthy Fashion Finds For This Season & Beyond

fashion finds 2021
Let's be honest here. You've probably seen these trendy fashion accessories flaunting your social media feeds. They are cute, fun, versatile, and more than able to save you from the headache of trying to come up with a slew of ways to upgrade your casual, daily looks. Whether you are a jewelry enthusiast, a bag lover, or a die-hard hair accessories fan, the top 2021 accessories trends are certainly in your favor.

I know what you are thinking. No, you don't have to spend your entire month's salary while hunting down some stellar options to add to your wardrobe arsenal. From boho-inspired straw bags and low maintenance ways to style your hair and make you look more put together during your warm-weather city strolls to some of the most sought-after sunnies, you can score major deals on all the latest fashion accessory drops - minus the hefty price tag.

Don't fret, you won't have to scroll through dozens of websites to discover those splurge-worthy options, I rounded up some great budget-friendly picks for your convenience. So, whether you are indeed on a saving spree or simply love to explore new sites, feel free to bookmark this list.

If you’re having a bad hair day, just put on a few utterly cute hair clips to obscure it, and voila! Looking for a foolproof way of adding a stylish touch to your outfit? Throw on a Chiffon Pleated Headband with your favorite summer dresses, jumpsuits, or even tees and hoodies. You might even find yourself planning an entire outfit around one of these beautiful fabric prints. Luckily, Ragazze Fashion has everything my closet needs and more. plus they offer free delivery in Europe, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Obviously, it doesn’t end there! I rounded up some trendy jewelry choices as well.
name tag jewelry
Shop Necklaces

Letter and name jewelry are everything this season, so why not coping some custom name jewelry for yourself or for your loved ones? Just in case you are a go-bold or go-home kind of gal, opting for a set of geometric earrings might take away your need to go shopping for quite a while. Need more inspo? Take a look at Ragazze Fashion's Instagram account.
affordable bags for women
Shop trendy handbags 

Don't let my obsession with straw bags hold you back from choosing a few different trendy bag options to rock this season and beyond. Chain belt bags, graffiti handbags are a fantastic way to add some flare to your outfits, especially if you also have a collection of cute summer sunglasses ready for grabs. From what I hear, communication is a breeze, so feel free to contact with any questions.

The Only Clever & Retro Graphic T-Shirts You Will Need This Season

slogan clever t-shirts about tv

I have my fair share of worn-to-death vintage tees, but when it comes to the best logo t-shirts, it might have taken me a bit longer to find some splurge-worthy options. You see, I take my everyday t-shirts pretty seriously as they are a part of my casual, staple wardrobe. It only makes sense to invest in a few seasonless options that guarantee to stay "on trend" for years to come. It's always essential to have some retro-inspired styles to help you achieve a variety of looks - bonus points if your next go-to tees inspire empathy and compassion towards animals and human beings.

If you too are on the hunt for a slew of utterly cute t-shirt options that are equal parts unique and high-quality to complement every summer outfit with ease, look no further than Choose Empathy's, an independent Canada-based brand with a love for creating statement yet easy to wear styles. Young and fiercely fashionable, I am convinced that Choose Empathy's one-of-a-kind designs were created to drive me to yet another impulse, bulk purchase. Just look at these "life is a can of peaches" and "quiet times" graphics! Crips!
best retro-inspired t-shirts
Shop Best Graphic T-shirts

Even their logo is inspired by one of the most beautiful mythical creatures. "Unicorns are mystical beings who protect and comfort you through difficult times. They help guide you to the path you’re meant to be on, shining the way with their radiating light. Their love is love in its purest form, free from the grip of an overbearing ego, and forever unconditional." Choose Empathy mentions,  And as you can imagine, they are also big supporters of veganism " It’s worth any number of attempts when you remember Veganism is an animal rights movement, not a fad diet!" and honestly, I couldn't agree more. So, if you too want to support like-minded small businesses that actively fight for animal and human rights alike, consider this your sign.

quote sweatshirt

cute floral graphic t-shirt

unique graphic t-shirts

Honestly, Choose Empathy has a rather unexpected large collection of unisex t-shirts and sweaters to choose from and each of them carries a fresh, super clever graphic to help you upgrade your wardrobe this season. I seriously consider hunting for affordable options to be one of my specialties, but if you still have your doubts, go ahead! Dig through the virtual selves of Choose Empathy to find your own graphic t-shirt to rock during all your future day-to-day shenanigans. They ship their goodies across Canada and the US.

This Brand Offers Female-Focused Sex Toys Wrapped In Self-Love & Sex Education

best female focused toys

As gal pal so cleverly put it "we need more body positivity, sex education and self-love in the world". The unfortunate side effect of being raised during the '00s in a country where sex-related education isn't exactly at the top of the list of subjects we get to study, the only real advice I got as a teen was to use protection, choose partners with caution, and repeat. There was never a talk of how oral sex is actually another way to transmit several STDs or how participating in alternative sexual behaviors isn't as safe as we thought-you get the point.

Fast-forward to my first year in college and many female orgasm-related convos later, one thing was evident. Most men didn't know their way around down there - especially when it came to finding the clitoris and giving the right kind of stimulation to achieve orgasm. The results? Most of the women I knew were actively faking orgasms, letting their partners sleep happily, oblivious to the fact that they weren't as satisfied as they made it out to sound like.

It's been almost 10 years since then, and even though I wouldn't consider myself a sex toy connoisseur, I am a firm advocate of true self-pleasure and self-exploration. You see, sex education goes beyond the basic sex talk. It involves tackling some serious female-focused issues as well. Did you know that 80 percent of women can’t orgasm through just penetrative sex? That's exactly why self-exploration is a must! If you don't really know what tickles your fancy, how will you be able to guide your partner? In a day and age when female solo-sex is (and needs to be) celebrated, having an arsenal of vibes, accessories and clit-stimulators is your foolproof way of experiencing that next level of sexual pleasure - one that maybe can't get with your partner.

So, whether you are a first-time buyer or a serial sex-toy user, here is a round-up of the best female-focused sex toys you can shop online—and luckily, there is a pleasure guide to get you up to date with all the fantastic benefits of each type of sex toy.

LELO Enigma Dual Stimulation Sonic Massage

LELO Enigma Dual Stimulation Sonic Massage

Think no direct contact, just powerful sonic waves that offer clitoral stimulation for a deeper sensation. Yes, there is such thing as a high-end sex toy, and LELO is the pioneer. This double stimulator titillates the clitoris – its visible and invisible parts – and the vagina. Basically, ENIGMA flutters in all the right places for an orgasm you won’t forget.

Blush Novelties

Blush Novelties Vibrating Dildo

This buttery soft and non-toxic silicone vibrator combines 5 speeds with 5 functions to provide an array of pleasure and relaxation. This toy isn’t just affordable, but also offers a fantastic sensation against the skin for the ultimate solo pleasure.

Blush Novelties Kegel Balls

Blush Novelties Kegel Balls

Kegel exercises are exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and thanks to the Double O Kegel Balls that were built for pleasure as well as to help you strengthen your pelvic muscles, now you will be able to experience stronger, more intense orgasms! Made of silky smooth, body-safe ABS plastic, each ball contains a weighted bead that causes organic vibrations with your movement, stimulating and massaging you.

Who is Gal Pal?

Gal pal is so much more than just a female-focused sex toy company. They advocate for inclusivity, empowerment, and education through cleverly written blog articles, exclusive sex toys for trans women, and much more. They aim to bring you the world’s best sex toys with a slew of different price tags to match your budget.

female focused toys 2021

high end self-love toys

Seriously, no sex toy managed to escape their collection. From wand vibrators and clitoral massagers to plugs and strap ons, you will certainly be able to find the right toy for you.

Best Inexpensive Matte Liquid Lipsticks Online

Lipstick discount store

Aside from spending countless hours watching Youtube makeup tutorials, finding the right lipstick shade to complement your skin tone is the one thing that you are probably struggling with the most—don't fret we are in this together. Choosing the best lipstick color is equally as important as your go-to eyeshadow formulas you do, after all, want to keep your full face of makeup intact throughout the unbearably hot days that summer so graciously offers us, right?

Sure, just like all your other makeup staples, lipsticks are a splurge-worthy investment. One that definitely deserves a special place in your makeup arsenal. Whether you prefer to put on a lush, matte color, or simply want to add some glow to make your skin look like you just returned from a 7-days vacay to your favorite sun-soaked place, I've got you covered. Today's lipstick finds are your foolproof way of adding some fun colors to your collection without breaking your bank.

While we all love our trusted lipstick formulas, there are some stellar options one can find on discount stores that promise to offer their transfer-resistant benefits to you for the longest periods of time. From buy 1+ get 1 free lipstick deals to a slew of neutral-colored waterproof gloss lipsticks, there is a plethora of makeup deals to bring just the right amount of color to a look that’s otherwise focused on natural makeup.

Matte lipstick

Lasting Waterproof Velvet

A 6-color lipstick set filled with lightweight matte options? Yes, please!
Velvet matte lipstick
Liquid Lipstick Matte

This velvet mat lip glaze formula looks absolutely stunning. Plus, the watery texture promises to keep your lips hydrated throughout the day.

Summer lipstick matte

Matte Lipstick Matte

This satin-matte lipstick is about to be your new warm-weather best friend. Just look at the shades!

Matte lipstick discount website

Waterproof Matte Lipstick

This lipstick is actually formulated with cherishing Camellia extract and Vitamin E to nourish and hydrate your lips just like a balm.
Matte lipstick

Waterproof Lipstick Makeup

With 9 different shades to choose from, you might have a hard time deciding which one is your absolute favorite — I know I need them all.

A Look Inside The First Ever Tutorial-Based Eyeshadow Palette By Diamé Cosmetics

innovative beauty products tutorial eyeshadow palette

While we definitely adore conventional eye shadow palettes along with the beautiful packaging and hyper-pigmented formulas these products have to offer, unfortunately, not many palettes are actually user-friendly. Before you jump on to list all your beloved eyeshadow colors and go-to brands, hear me out.

Sure, unwrapping a brand-new makeup palette is definitely one of the most satisfying experiences for every fellow makeup-lover out there, but as eyeshadow palettes become more and more available, some of us find it hard to press the order button without feeling a bit of guilt. Do I really need yet another neutral palette in my makeup lineup? Personally, I find myself feeling tired of the same old colors and packaging. Luckily, independent makeup brands are here to offer highly nuanced and innovative eyeshadow palettes that perfectly blend high-end formulas and technology.

Unique launches require unwavering dedication and bold ideas. Thankfully, there is no shortage of the aforementioned qualities in Diamé Cosmetics. The brand's new Glam 101 palette comes with a mix of very neutral, yet glam shades to give a nice balance between full glam looks and casual, wrapped up in gorgeous pink packaging. What makes this black-owned beauty brand unique? Diamé Cosmetics is the first-ever tutorial-based brand, launching the first-ever tutorial-based eyeshadow palette.

No matter if you are a pro, or a beginner, Makeup just got made so much easier! Glam 101 offers high-quality, easy-to-follow, step-by-step videos so you can actually manage to recreate your favorite beauty looks—minus the frustration of having to re-apply everything just because you missed a few key steps.

How does the Tutorial-Based Eyeshadow Palette work?

New eyeshadow palette 2021

Each one of the 6 eyeshadow shades in this palette has a QR scannable code next to it. All you have to do is scan it with a mobile device and voila! You will instantly be redirected to Diamé Cosmetics' website where you will be able to watch high-quality, step-by-step beauty video tutorials. Consider it as your secret cheat sheet, an easy way to pull off the most stunning makeup looks Diamé Cosmetics recommends for each shade.

Supporting a black-owned start-up beauty brand

Maybe it's just me, but the entire thing is giving me instant luxury vibes — with a sludge-worthy $35 price tag. In fact, innovation and affordability are arguably two of my most favorite parts. Go on! Test it out for yourself and rest assured that you will be supporting an emerging, female-owned business that thrives on celebrating women who continuously try to subvert the industry standards by embracing their individuality and follow their own path to success.

Reusable Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products To Shop On Amazon

Mark your calendar because Amazon Prime Day 2021 has been confirmed—and we are here for it. The huge Amazon sale will start on June 21 and continue till June 22, but rumor has it that this year's deals are about to be the biggest sales to date. So, grab your wallet peeps! There are so many amazing kitchen finds to shop guilt-free.

Let's be honest, most of us consider ourselves to be Amazon-serial-buyers, and how couldn't we? Amazon home & kitchen finds are addictive, especially if all of them are under the $100 mark. Yes, we've all thought that we had everything we needed until we lay eyes on the next best Amazon kitchenware shopping deals online. Personally, I just can’t resist ordering some fresh kitchenware and practical home solutions to add some much-needed storage space, sue me!

Whether you are on the hunt for eco-friendly food containers, utterly cute collapsible water bottles, a ridiculously user-friendly way to rinse and drain your pasta (don't judge, I just returned from my trip to Italy), noodles, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, and more, these Amazon kitchen deals for 2021 are too good to miss.

And, just in case you feel a bit overwhelmed by all the choices—there are just too many pages to go through and not enough time, you feel me?— you probably need help getting to the actual good stuff! I rounded up a list of my favorite eco-friendly Amazon home finds, all you have to do is go take advantage of them while supplies last.

Reusable Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products To Shop On Amazon

The Atashojoe (a.k.a Ata-Sho-Joe) premium quality grade collapsible food container is specifically designed to withstand high heat temperatures from - 40°C (- 40°F) to 200°C (392°F). If you are looking for sustainable kitchenware on Amazon, you will be ecstatic to know that this container is made of food-grade silicone and BPA-free material. It's basically your new, best multipurpose container that comes in a variety of different fun colors to match your vibe. Take advantage of the bundle pack to get a huge deal!

Reusable Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products To Shop On Amazon water bottle

These collapsable water bottles are not only cute but also extremely functional. Simply store your hot or cold beverages in this BPA-free bottle that actually withstands temperatures from – 40°C (– 40°F) to 200°C (392°F). These beauties come in 5 different colors and are easy to clean, microwave safe, and, of course, reusable. Simply adjust the size of the bottle according to the volume you wish to store OR just collapse it after you finish your drink so that the bottle takes up less space in your bag.

Reusable Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products To Shop On Amazon spatula

If you don't want to settle for boring strainer sets, this is your chance. The AtashoJoe multi-functional colander is suitable for washing and draining most foods, which makes it the perfect option for both outdoor and indoor cooking. Made with food-grade safe and BPA free rubber and silicone material, this set is designed to resist temperature up to 320°F / 160°C. When you are done, simply collapse them for storage— it's that easy.

The 3-piece spatula spoon set reinforced with stainless steel core, silicone body, and flexible silicone head. Once again, the BPA free, food-grade safe, nonstick design makes it easy to use as a jar scraper, egg flipper, jam spreader and function for mixing, scooping, baking, decorating cake and more. Furthermore, it can resist heat for up to 460°F / 240°C

Looking For The Best Shirts For Women Online? This Female Doctor Has The Answer

summer shirts for women

Whether you are in love with your show-stopping prints or are one of those girls that proudly show off their rock side to the world, everyone has a slew of shirt favorites. Some of them, you find yourself reaching for while getting ready for a night out with friends, while others hold a permanent place in your everyday wardrobe arsenal. One thing is certain, we all have a special place in our hearts for women's shirts-especially those who can elevate even the simplest of outfits with ease.

Sure, there is a plethora of stellar casual shirts for every style online. You see, shirts are notorious for being low-maintenance and easy to style, however, not all designs are made equal. If you too find yourself opting for otherworldly cool and unique shirts to dress up and down according to your mood, you are in luck! Today's post is filled with only the best shirts for women. The greatest part? You can grab each and every style from the virtual shelves of a female doctor with a PhD who clearly has an eye for fashion.

summer Shirts For Women Online 2021
Browse Edgy Shirts UK's women's shirt collections

Edgy Shirts UK is managed by Melissa Haines, an up-and-coming business owner who believes in women empowerment and in the expression of our true feminine selves. Unfortunately, even the most female-centric industries like beauty, haircare, and fashion are still predominantly run by men. For me, it's all about celebrating women who continuously try to subvert the industry standards by embracing their individuality and follow their own path to success. Her collections are mainly a celebration of maximalism. With bold and vibrant prints, interesting patterns, and a variety of affordable shirt options to choose from, Edgy Shirts UK is about to be your next go-to destination for the most unique shirts online.

statement Shirts For Women Online
New Arrivals

At this point, I am convinced that Melissa has deliberately listed young and fiercely fashionable color combinations that sit right at the intersection of art and fashion just to drive me to yet another impulse, bulk purchase. Just look at the all-over-prints prints and patchwork! Crisp!

Relaxing Self Care & Pamper Day Ideas At Home For Women

Relaxing Self Care & pamper day ideas at home for women

Let's get one thing straight; I am a huge self-care stan, including weekly pampering day sessions, baths filled with heavenly-scented bombs, and at-home skincare tools that turn my small bathroom into a semi-luxurious spa within minutes. If there is a self-care routine that promises to give me skin as soft as a baby's while helping me distress after a long day, you bet your sweet life I'm going to snatch that opportunity real quick. You see, whether you are only stealing a few moments every day to pamper yourself, or a set schedule for your at-home self-care rituals, there is nothing better than crawling into bed at night after some much-needed "me time".

So, lucky for you (and very unluckily for my wallet), my obsession with everything self-care-related has led me to many trials and errors to find the best at-home tools, scrubs, exfoliation techniques, gels, and pretty much everything in between. You know, those products that offer super-soft-skin and hours of spa-like experiences from the comfort of my own home. If you feel like doing some online shopping therapy today, keep scrolling to discover all the amazing goodies you will be able to get your hands on for your next at-home pampering day.

exfoliating brush for woman

You know how important it is to exfoliate your face, and the best exfoliating brush promises to do just that. Deep skin exfoliation will not only help you get rid of all those pesky dead shells but also help your lymphatic system and increase blood circulation. The Orisha Infinity skincare tool offers Low, Mid, and High Gear settings to adjust according to your skin type.

vagina tightening oil for women

Vajay-Jay Tightening Oil

You simply can't have a list of the best pamper day ideas at home for women without a stellar tightening oil option. This Anti-inflammatory oil not only promises to strengthen the vaginal tissue and help you get rid of rid of excessive discharge but also doubles as a fantastic natural lubricant during intercourse.

portable hair removal tool

Orisha Mini Light Razor

Blast away peach fuzz with a quick and easy hair removal tool you can actually carry around with you while traveling. Thankfully there are plenty of at-home options that don’t require painful DIY wax attempts or razor burns, and the Orisha Mini Light Razor promises to keep your skin soft and hair-free-no matter your skin type.

bath bombs for women

Large Yoni Detox Bath Bombs

Think Epsom salt, Plaintain, Rosemary, Yarrow Leaf, Calendula Flower, Red Rose Petals, Mugwort, Red Rasperry, and Motherwort, now imagine the heavenly-scented baths you are about to have. Sounds awesome, right? If you are on the hunt for V-safe bath bombs these ones are for you-you can even subscribe to get your monthly bath bomb shipment with a discount.

The Comfiest Summer Fashion Finds We Are Eyeing Right Now

womens summer dresses 2021
Surely, it's all a matter of preference, but personally, I strongly believe that for a versatile wardrobe to be truly complete, it needs to include a mix of timeless, all-year-round pieces and some much-loved seasonal trends. You know, those utterly cute fashion staples that always manage to effortlessly complement each and every outfit with ease. Then, there are the trendy, one-season-purchases - but between you and me, you already know that they are about to come back to life yet again in the future, so why hold back?

Fortunately, it’s also super easy to find some stellar fashion choices that won't force you to drain your bank account to keep yourself stylish and comfortable through summer and beyond. From beach-ready sandals to vacay must-have lightweight dresses and, of course, some otherworldly stunning bucket hat choices dressed in a look-at-me print, the list goes on and on.

No matter your style, these easy-to-wear fashion finds carry all the necessary luxurious vibes all your future outfits need - without the hefty price tag. Laid-back and breezy, or chic and preppy? This Luxury Fashion Kollections list below will surely tick all your boxes.

casual womens summer dress

Lightweight dress in black

This lightweight women's dress is not only perfect for everyday wear but also ridiculously easy to dress up and down according to the occasion. Heels, sneakers, slides, you name it!

statement bucket hat for men and women

Tiger Bucket Hat

This tiger bucket hat is not only great for that road trip you have coming up, but also a statement-making accessory to elevate all your not-so-special fits.

smocked top trend 2021

Smocked Woven Top

Smocked tops are one of those seasonal trends that always manage to stick around for more than one season, so grab this flattering silhouette asap.

womens off shoulder ruffle top

Tie Woven Top

Another sun-soaked summer day, another off-shoulder top to help you get through the heat in style-just look at these stripes! So cute!

camo capri leggings womens fashion

High Waist Capri Leggings

Avid gym goers and athleticwear enthusiasts, this one is for you. This buttersoft fabric is the ultimate way of keeping yourself cool and comfy without having to deal with the itchy feeling of wearing capri pants during a hot, summer day.

gray laptop backpack
Laptop Backpack

Not a fashion find exactly, but a staple non the less. Quality laptop backpacks are a must for all your future trips. Just stuff everything tech-related in there, and you are good to go.

white womens summer sneakers

Summer-ready footwear

Minimal shoes with a fashionable flair, what more can you ask for? Rest assured that these styles will never be out of fashion.

Luxury Fashion Kollections' virtual selves are a celebration of high-quality streetwear at a very affordable price. Whether you are looking for cute bags, belts, flattering dresses, your new go-to leggings, and pretty much everything in between, you will certainly get exactly what your heart desires. Luxury blends fashion and beauty, and Luxury Fashion Kollections promises to bring exactly that to your closet.
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